Black Market wines from the cellar

By Vinomofo
8 days ago
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Our Black Market - deals that give you exceptional value, only made possible if we don’t reveal the maker’s brand. 

Wines that are bona-fide, 100% the genuine article. You just don't know what they'll be until they turn up.

But we can tell you a few things. Important stuff like what they taste like, when they were made and what from. And also what they've been scored by critics too.

Here's five deals that are extra special - cellared to perfection and ready to go.


Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 – Black Market Deal #43319

'That' Coonawarra cabernet - You know the one... We’ve now seen many a ripper vintage of this baby. It’s one deal that flies out the door and into your kitchen. For those in the know, you’re never disappointed once you pull the cork. A cellar release with a lucky 9 years of evolution - give it a burl, and you’ll see that it is only starting to touch its prime drinking window. Usually exclusive to the wine producer’s database, this trickles out to us only when we are lucky, somehow our charming wine buyers have managed to get on that lucky list. Boisterous tannins that have mellowed to a brooding, silky palate, with chunky fruit joined by herbaceous and somewhat meaty notes. There’s still classic cabernet cassis and blackberry, which is accompanied by rosemary, thyme and a long and savoury finish. Be quick, mofo - you too should be so lucky!

Shop now - $25/btl


Shiraz 2014 – Black Market Deal #49841

Highly awarded, and for good reason too. This wine - ten years young - is drinking beautifully. It feels a little backwards to say it, but aged wine has got to have something youthful about it to really hit the spot. This does that masterfully with a swirl of red and blue fruit at its core. That fruit is framed by leather, earth, tobacco, umami, chocolate, spice, herby green-ness, and so much more. Old and new. Big and pretty. Robust and stylish. This is a wine that walks the line; intricate and intriguing from start to finish. Most importantly, though: utterly delightful to sit and sip on. Bravo.

Shop now - $35/btl


Grenache 2014 – Black Market Deal #49830

Stunning grenache from an icon of wine. A wine that has earned its stripes, and then some. It's not often you look at a ten year old bottle of grenache that sets tails wagging, but this certainly does. This wine is as romantic as the name sounds. Trust this top-tier McLaren Vale winery to make a long-lived, incredibly expressed bottle of grenache. Seriously, your eyes will roll back into your head when this lands at your doorstep. A bit of the old-school Vale handling of this one certainly set it up for its cellaring potential, but also offers a bold, spicy take on one of the region's best varieties. This is really cool booze, and we don't say that lightly.

Shop now - $29.90/btl


Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 - Black Market Deal #49983

This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The needle in the haystack. The perfect drop. It is quite a joyful moment when we get our hands on aged cabernet, from a top producer in the world famous cabernet region of Coonawarra. What better wine to show with some age than a cabernet, after all? Vibrant blackcurrant and oak have come together, tannins mellowed and earthy, secondary elements emerged. Unless you have a cellar full of aged wine, this is possibly the best chance to pick up some absolutely stunning aged cab for a stupidly good price.

Shop now - $19.90/btl


Shiraz 2014 – Black Market Deal #49842

There's a reason that this shiraz continues to stand the test of time, and that's all about the combined calibre of the exceptional vineyard and iconic winery. Single site McLaren Vale shiraz - that's something special. In the heart of the vale lies the Blanche Point Formation with soils some 35 million years old where this shiraz has its roots. An extremely vibrant aromatic profile leads the experience, and the palate follows through with graphite-like tannins and a slightly herbaceous edge to the otherwise lusciously fruited body.

Shop now - $35/btl

There's five stellar picks from the cellar but there's plenty more hidden gems to discover in the full Black Market range.

Got more questions on what makes the Black Market so great? No worries - over here for the full explainer.

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