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Vinomofo Club is no ordinary wine club.

Why join a wine club? Because you dream of a world where you always have good wine at home, without having to stress about it. Life's busy enough – let us sort out your vino.

Wine made simple

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There's no lock-in contract and no bullshit. You just pick a club that works for your budget, personalise it to suit your tastes and decide how often you need your wine delivered. And before you ask, daily isn't an option. Yet.

The Black Market Club

$139 / 12 pack

Our most infamous deals now in a club.

  • Under $12 a bottle
  • Free shipping
  • 60-70% off RRP
  • Mixed
  • Every 1 or 2 months
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Let's be honest...

Most wineclubs exist to get rid of the crap.

Thing is, we don't have any crap because we only sell wines we love.

You should be boozing like a baller on a dirtbag budget, drinking $30 wine for 15 bucks. That's epic mofo value.

So then it just comes down to you. Don't like a wine? No stress, we'll drink it ourselves and send you something else. That's a 100% Mofo Happiness Guarantee.

Check out some of our past Mofo Club wines...

So what do our mofos think?

We could talk about how great the club is for hours but it's better hearing it from the horse's mouth. Not that we think of our mofos as horses. If anything, they're unicorns. Beautiful, merry unicorns with cellars full of wine.

Star Star Star Star Star
I'm assuming a 5 is the highest rating one can give? If so I'd give a 5 to the Mofo site and team.
- Paul
Star Star Star Star Star
Set and forget, once every 3 months I get a set of fabulous, unique wines sent to my door. Takes all the effort out of choosing. Cheers Vinomofo
- Michael
Star Star Star Star Star off
Consistently good wine (haven’t had a bad one yet!), prompt service, easily navigable site. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

  • How do i know when my next club is processing?

    Your club case will be processed on the same day every month / two months / three months according to your plan frequency. There will also be a countdown in your club account page so you can prepare for your incoming vino.

  • How often are club cases sent out?

    How often do you want one? Depending on the club, you'll have options for delivery every one, two or three months.

  • When will i find out what's in my case? where can i find my tasting notes?

    Patience, my child, patience. And by child we mean responsible adult. You'll find out when your case arrives on your doorstep. If you've joined the Mofo Club, there'll also be a link to your tasting notes in your account page once the case has been delivered.

  • Can i change the mix i'm currently subscribed to to another? (eg. mixed to reds)

    Of course – people change and so do their tastes – but only if you're part of the Mofo Club. The change will come into effect in your next case, but keep in mind there's a short period during processing where we can't make any changes or our warehouse will explode. Maybe. Changes after this date will come into effect for the following case, should the warehouse still be standing.

  • Can i exclude a certain type of wine from my club cases?

    Kind of. We're so busy trying to find epic vino and write these fascinating FAQs that we don't have enough time to completely personalise every case. Instead, if you join the Mofo Club, you can choose to exclude certain wines from certain cases. Check out this nifty table for your nine options:

    Reds Whites Mixed
    Reds, but hold the pinot Whites, but hold the chardy Mixed, but hold the pinot
    Reds, but hold the grenache Whites, but hold the savvy b Mixed, but hold the savvy b
  • Can i have more than one club subscription?

    We encourage it.

  • Can i buy a club subscription for a friend?

    You're the best friend ever. I wish I had one like you. All you need to do is sign up and add your friend's address details in instead of your own.

  • Hey jerks, i didn't like a bottle. can i return it?

    Of course, we're more than happy to drink any wine you return! Just email team@vinomofo.com or call us on 1800 663 419 and our customer team will sort you out.

  • Can i pause or skip my subscription?

    No worries. Skip your club subscription via your account page, email team@vinomofo.com or call us on 1800 663 419

    Same goes if you're going away and need to pause your subscription, just hit up the legends in our customer team. Remember, places in the club are limited so if you skip too many we may ask you to give your place to someone on the waitlist.

  • How do i cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription via your account page or alternatively, email us at team@vinomofo.com or give us a call on 1800 663 419

Right, so where were we?

We made it this far. SHall we make it official?

The Black Market Club

$139 / 12 pack

Our most infamous deals now in a club.

  • Under $12 a bottle
  • Free shipping
  • 60-70% off RRP
  • Mixed
  • Every 1 or 2 months
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Still have some questions?

Our customer service team are certified legends.

Just give them a call on 1800 663 419 or hit up Live Chat if you have questions, qualms, queries or quandaries. Remember, when it comes to wine there's no such thing as a stupid question, except for can I have more? Of course you can.

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