Netflix and sip: New wines to drink with new releases

Nikki Michaels
By Nikki Michaels
over 4 years ago
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Netflix and sip returns with a new installment running the gamut from sci-fi and Italian vino to tearjerkers and structured reds. Get ready to chill, mofos.

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Watch: Altered Carbon Season 2 | Drink: Carignan

We’ve had to wait two years for season two, but Netflix’s cerebral sci-fi masterpiece Altered Carbon finally returns for a second go-around with Marvel’s Anthony Mackie taking over the lead role from Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman. Set in a world where humans have figured out how to transfer their minds (stacks) into different bodies (called sleeves), this ultra-smart series is brilliantly diverse and stacked (pun intended) with kickass characters and plot twists.

Pair it with something equally spicy and imaginative — like this dry-farmed Chilean carignan.

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Watch: All the Bright Places | Drink: Soave

Adapted from the YA novel by Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places stars Elle Fanning and Justice Smith as two teenagers who fall into a very intense romantic relationship. One of the most profound and heartbreaking insights into mental illness I’ve ever come across, this will have you crying an ocean of tears — so why not sip on something that tastes a bit like the ocean itself?

White wines from Italy and Greece tend to highlight pronounced salinity, but we’re particularly partial to a good soave.

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Watch: Horse Girl | Drink: Touriga malbec

Horse Girl is all sorts of weird. It stars Alison Brie as Sarah, described as a ‘sweet misfit with a fondness for crafts, horses, and supernatural crime shows’ — and it’s pretty much nothing like you’d expect from that quick blurb.

An in-depth look at mental illness (but in a completely different vein than All the Bright Places) and the fear that can overwhelm you when it runs in your family, the introspective Horse Girl is inspired and unexpected. Much like this touriga malbec.

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Watch: The Stranger | Drink: Cabernet sauvignon

Netflix’s new suspenseful series The Stranger (based on the Harlan Coben novel) stars Richard Armitage (of The Hobbit fame) and explores what would happen if you found out — from a total stranger, no less — that someone you love has either openly lied to you about something important or kept a massive, life-changing secret.

It’s high-stakes and high-drama, with lots of different narratives and character arcs intersecting and connecting. We recommend binging alongside something taut, with good tension and structure. Can’t go wrong with a classic cab.

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Watch: Locke & Key | Drink: Complex rosé

The new supernatural horror drama based on the comics by Joe Hill (fun fact: he’s Stephen King’s son) and Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key was developed by Lost mastermind Carlton Cuse (among others) and is a bit like a creepier take on The Chronicles of Narnia. We’ve got an old mansion, keys unlocking doors to magical worlds, and demonic entities trying to get their hands (claws?) on said keys.

Compelling and original, it finds a scary good vino partner in something seemingly light but surprisingly deep. Our pick: this King Valley pinot noir rosé.


Let us know your thoughts, mofos – and be sure to tell us your favourite wine’n’watch match on Instagram!  

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