Foods to pair with malbec

By Vinomofo
about 1 year ago
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Malbec - the great French grape adopted and made Argentina's (and the world's) own. If you’ve got a cracking drop you’re raring to pour, but are out of ideas on a pairing, here’s five dishes that malbec loves to dance with. 

Flank steak with chimichurri

Malbec, steak and chimichurri are a classic Mendoza pairing; the old “if it grows together, it goes together” adage ringing true here, Argentina being famed for its hearty beef. Malbec tannin loves protein, and the acidity helps cut through the richness of the meat, while the dark fruits bring a juicy vibrancy to each mouthful. Smoke and spice notes from oak also work well with that charred crust sizzle-sear on a perfect steak. 

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Stuffed roasted red peppers

Stuff and roast a couple of red peppers (or barbecue, if the weather allows) and let them loose on a malbec - those smoke-spice oak notes contrast and compliment the sweet-roast-spice of the pepper, balanced by malbec’s acidity. The sweet-savoury peppers are a perfect counterpoint to the dark fruits of malbec, and will elevate them to that next level.

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Barbecue pork ribs

A bold and robust malbec can tussle with barbecue sauce, while its fruit and spice notes complement the smoky flavour of the meat. Perfect with pork, equally great with lamb or beef ribs too. Give it a go.

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Spiced chorizo

Tapping into the Latino heritage of Argentina, the spicy and savoury flavours of chorizo pair well with malbec's bold tannins and acidity, with the alcohol also adding a extra piquance to the spice (if that’s your kind of thing - if not, opt for a milder chorizo). Our tip, serve the chorizo spitting hot (in tapas style) rather than as a cold charcuterie option, and put that fire in your heart.

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Mushroom and blue cheese risotto

A rich, full bodied malbec is the perfect sparring partner for a big, hearty and full-flavoured risotto. Malbec's earthy and herbal notes complement the earthy savouriness of mushrooms, whilst its acidity helps cut through the creaminess of the risotto. Plus, those juicy dark fruits bring a hint of levity and brightness whilst still keeping you in a deeply indulgent affair. One that’ll have you loosening your waistband to make room for more.

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As always though - you know you best, and what suits your palate best. The joy is always in the discovery, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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