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Mixed Dozen Wines Online

What happens when a bunch of wine-loving mofos get to approach their favourite wineries across Australia and ask them to make a wine just for them? Well, after much blushing and bashful tittering on our part, the brief ...
  • Various

3 pack - 30.0 AUD / BTL


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The hills are alive with the sound of post-prandial snoring, mofos. The original 'Aussies' have it good. Bloody delicious wine at great value. No wonder not much of it makes its way over here. Crafty buggers drink it all ...
  • Austria

6 pack - 25.83 AUD / BTL

$310.0 $155.00

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... top Odeon series - special wines, made in tiny quantities, with ... will remember”. Odeon are wines to remember.”
  • Adelaide Hills

$390 / 3 pack


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This is the kind of wine that makes you titter and murmur a quiet “ooh hello” to yourself. Frisky tannin, seductively dark and dusky earthy notes, squishy blackberries and just the right tickle of mint. It's fun, ...
  • Coonawarra

$150 / 12 pack

$39 $12.50

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There is truth to the saying that the simple things in life are often the best. And that's the approach with the Bress Unplucked Shiraz - made for simple enjoyment. No oak. No need for cellaring. Made to drink now. So ...
  • Bendigo

$150 / 12 pack

$30 $12.50

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Clare Valley shiraz is in a class of its own. It benefits from the ballsy, rich-fruited, adrenaline-pumping charms of South Australia, but retains a bright flash of refreshing acidity thanks to the higher altitude. The ...
  • Clare Valley

$150 / 12 pack

$30 $12.50

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Unmistakably Coonawarra cabernet that doesn't cost the earth. It doesn't need a decade in the cellar either. Softly but firmly structured, it's easy and enjoyable drinking, with all the luscious, brambly berries, ...
  • Coonawarra

$150 / 12 pack

$35 $12.50

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A firm favourite is back with a new vintage, and looking damn special. Mount Avoca have certainly made full use of 2017's sensational conditions.
  • Pyrenees

$150 / 12 pack

$35 $12.50

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Gapsted are nestled up in Victoria's High Country (in Gapsted, of all places), and have to be one of Australia's leading wineries for value. Pinot is a tricky grape to grow at the best of times, and it's all the harder ...
  • King Valley

$144 / 12 pack

$31 $12.00

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Ask any wine geek to name a famous grower's vineyard in the Yarra Valley, and most will name Willowlake first. It's that renowned. This sauv blanc master (I don't say this lightly) sources his fruit from there. He does a ...
  • Yarra Valley

$150 / 12 pack

$30 $12.50

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Yarra savvy is a hard thing to get right, but when it is right it is so, so right. And this maker knows how to wrangle grapes. Hand-picked and whole bunch pressed, with 20% fermented in French oak and maturation on lees ...
  • Yarra Valley

$132 / 12 pack

$22 $11.00

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Ok, mofos, I'm not going mad. First thing I smelt here was olives. “Yeah right,” I thought to myself, “I've definitely just dreamt that up having seen the name on the label.” But then more and more of our fabulous Wine ...
  • McLaren Vale

$118.8 / 12 pack

$25 $9.90

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Bordeaux better watch its back or Mendoza may take the winner's crown for cabernet too - just like it's done with malbec. This Reserva from H.J. Fabre certainly puts forward a very strong case for the region and variety ...
  • Mendoza

$180 / 12 pack

$30 $15.00

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I wonder if this “Golden Hillside” is in Clare Valley at all. The riz they make is nothing short of heavenly, and the price suggests some sort of divine intervention. Plus, however high the vineyards of Clare Valley can ...
  • Clare Valley

$138 / 12 pack

$26 $11.50

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Picnic season is definitely our favourite time of year. From prosecco, to pet-nat and everything in between, here's what Nicci (Mofo + real life unicorn) will be packing into her wicker basket this spring/summer to pair ...

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Wine ice cream recipes for summer

Winescream, y'all. It's a thing, If you're one of those folks who saw the title of this and thought 'ain't no way I'm mixing wine and dairy,' then please allow us to bring a little light to your life.

Celebrating Women in Wine: Emma Raidis of Raidis Estate

Emma Raidis needs no introduction. Co-owner and winemaker of Raidis Estate for the past 12 years, Emma and her husband Steven are Coonawarra favourites. As a...

What's so good about aged wine, anyway?

Aged wine has an aura about it. I recently saw someone write how they were disappointed in a 12-year old wine they tried because it didn't have that 'old' ta...

Video: Vinomofo launches GaryVee's Empathy Rosé in Australia

... , mofo, we only sell the wines we drink and love. Empathy ... -to-consumer wine project, Empathy Wines, the only question was whether ...

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Tim and Eddie explore the difference decanting makes to red and white wines. Featuring a South African Chenin Blanc from False Bay and a rockin' Malbec blend from Felipe Staiti Wines.

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... cool climate and warm climate wines. Featuring Melbourne tap water, skim ... and of course, three red wines for "research".

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... a source of some fantastic wines at a fraction of the ... use of blends makes the wines approachable, and more familiar to ...

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Don't know what fortified wines are? Rest easy, we're going to find out what these wines are and why they're worthy of celebration today.

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Tim and Eddie go headfirst into aged wines. Now that you have your wine storage sorted, tune in to hear Eddie chat about how a wine will change over time.

Drink rosé every day — and not just in summer

... open up your palate with wines you might never have tried ...

White wine varieties for newbies

With exciting wines such as albariño, gewürztraminer and vermentino making their mark and the weather heating up, there's no better time to explore the wonderful world of white wine than right now.

Behind the scenes: Hunter Valley Homeless Grapes Project

... , De Iuliis and David Hook Wines. Every cent from the sale ...

Fresh 5: A winter without shiraz

... ever-so-slightly less-trodden wines.

Jake Dromgool's Northland

... winemakers bringing these boundary-pushing wines to the world. Winemakers like ...

Seven cockle-warming book and wine matches

... new literary releases with delicious wines for twosomes you're sure ...

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Alice Rule's Marlborough

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We recently went on a foodie mission to find the Top 5 hottest spots to BYO in Sydney. 30 hours, 15 wines and 5 restaurants later, we reckon we've nailed it…

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... rich vinous history and its wines are still seen as a ...

The mofo guide to Margaret River

Far from where most Aussie grapevines grow, Margaret River (aka Margs or Margies) produces some of the most sought after and age-worthy wines in the country.

BYO basics: What wine to pair with pre-BBQ snacks

... salads) paired with chilled, zesty wines. From rosé, to savvy b ...

A toast to Aussie pinot noir

Your mileage may vary and one the the greatest things about wine is just getting out there and trying different wines and making up your own mind. You know w...

Wine Jedi mind tricks

... can be hard. It's wines own fault of course. It ...

My five most memorable wine experiences

Ah, what a pleasure it's been to write this article. It's like reminiscing over past loves, except that none of these wines threw my furniture on the lawn or...

Celebrating Women in Wine: Alexia Roberts of Penny's Hill

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we'll be selling an exclusive 6-pack of wines made by some of Australia's finest female winemakers. The impressi...

Celebrating Women in Wine: Kate Goodman of Penley Estate

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we'll be selling an exclusive 6-pack of wines made by some of Australia's finest female winemakers. The impressi...

Celebrating Women in Wine: Di Miller of Bellarmine

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we'll be selling an exclusive 6-pack of wines made by some of Australia's finest female winemakers. The impressi...

What's the point? A critical eye on wine scores

Ever wondered what those shiny medals and points assigned to wines mean? Probably not, it's pretty self-explanatory right - the more points the better the wi...

Fresh Kiwi vino (other than pinot)

It was a ski holiday to New Zealand that first got me curious about Kiwi red wines. In preparation for my trip, I was super keen to get a sniff of what was i...

Why small Champagne growers are worth their weight in gold

“Small, terroir-focused wines created by families are not performing well in Australia because everyone is buying big brands,” says Tyson.

VIDEO: 60 seconds with Andrew Santarossa

Andrew Santarosa, co-mastermind of Santa & D' Sas, vino expert behind Fratelli Wines and all round nice guy, tells us his deepest, darkest wine secrets.

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    We scour the world for wines we love, and taste everything ourselves. You’ll only ever get the good stuff.

  2. The most epic wine deals.

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    The collective buying power of our awesome tribe of wine-lovers means we can blow the next best market price out of the water.

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    You should only have wine that makes you happy. Don’t love something? No worries, we’ll simply pick it up, free of charge.

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