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We all know the expression about dangling a carrot in front of someone. But what if this entire case of wine is ‘carrots’ so to speak? We’re talking about Reschke after all, a star-studded Coonawarra producer. All you can really do is dangle an even bigger carrot. So that’s what we did. You’ll get 11 bottles of their Bull Trader cabernet, probably enough reason in itself to grab a case. But why stop there? We’ve added the ultimate carrot, a bottle of their Reschke Empyrean Cabernet 2014, which is nothing short of a showstopper. All carrots, no sticks...that’s how we roll.

Each contains the following:

Reschke Empyrean Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 - 1 bottle

Coonawarra, SA

96pts Wine Orbit | Five Stars Wine Orbit | Aged to perfection

This may very well be the benchmark for Coonawarra cabernet. It’s the flagship wine of Reschke, and it earns its stripes. A wine that gets the utmost attention at every stage of the winemaking process: the vineyard is hand-pruned, keeping yields low and flavours concentrated. Only hand-selected new French oak is used for ageing. And this has been resting in perfect conditions in the winery’s cellar for nearly a decade, bringing what was in it’s youth a massive, nearly explosive wine to the point of perfect drinking with mind-blowing complexity and length. If you’re after the finest that Coonawarra can achieve, then this is it right here.

YOU’D PAY $150 full price.

Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Coonawarra, SA

93pts Wine Orbits |  Mofo Fave

We could describe this wine to you, but anything we say won’t do it justice. We could wax lyrical, but for this kind of value you probably would think we’re telling fibs. This is full bodied, and not just in that alcoholic way: it’s rich in fruit weight, texture, and tannin. There’s a bit of spice from French oak to round things out all nice and pretty. This never stays in stock very long, and we can’t blame Mofos for going crazy for it time and time again.