Wine trends for 2020

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What's in store for the wine world in 2020? Eddie, our resident wine guru and Head of Sales looks into his crystal ball to make some predictions about what we'll be drinking and exploring in this new decade. Check out his top five wine trends for the year ahead… 

1. Alcohol Free Wines

Wait, what? Alcohol free wines? Is this a thing? Yep it sure is, mofo. The never-ending cycle of dry months and fitness kicks means that people need something to drink (besides water!), so expect to see a slew of non-alcohol wines (and beverages) on the market. We’ve got to admit, the quality in alcohol free wines has vastly improved and we believe that 2020 will be a breakthrough year for this category. The wines are starting to look, feel and taste much closer to their full alcohol family - fizzy or Fizzero? We bet you can’t tell the difference! 

2. Vegan

Vegan-friendly wines are nothing new. They’ve been around for ages but we see this year as a turning point for this category as wine lovers become more conscious with their choices. As more wineries become more vocal about their animal product free production, expect to see more transparency on labels and branding, front and centre. 

3. Different Formats 

The classic 750ml glass wine bottle has had a fair run, but we’re officially in the future, so expect to see more experimentation with different formats. From wine in a can (yay or nay?) to newer keg systems which are popping up at pubs and restaurants locally, and around the world, this is all exciting stuff. These differing container methods can be a better option too, whether it’s the situation (canned wines for picnics, festivals, etc) or reduction in carbon footprint. 

4. Transparency 

The power of choice is in the hands of the consumer, and in the age of Google, nothing is an ‘unknown’. We now have the resources to find out where a product came from, how it was made, what exactly has gone into it, plus more. Expect to see the rise of brands and wineries that focus on place and production, and wines that speak to place not consistency of brand.          

5. Less Fruity, More Funky

There was a time, not too long ago, when all we wanted in a wine was something fruity, “soft” and easy-drinking (admit it, you're guilty). Although these flavours are still sought-after, we see a continuing shift to equally praise more unusual, non-fruit flavours in wine. For example, in white wine we’ve observed more nuttiness, savoury and spicy notes pop-up more frequently and in reds, we've seen earthy and herbaceous flavours take centre stage.  

And there you have it, five fun wine predictions for 2020. If you have more wine trends to add to our list, tweet us at @vinomofo. Need more Eddie in your life? Watch the latest episode of No Stupid Questions here and get your Eddie-fix. 

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