What's your dinner party wine persona?

Summer Lee
By Summer Lee
over 3 years ago
3 min read

If you want to see someone’s true colours, go to dinner with them.

Whether you blame it on wine, a loud restaurant, or just feeling a wee bit hangry, there’s no denying that there are distinct personalities that reveal themselves when dining together.

These are the six wine loving personality types you'll find at every dinner party, and everyone has a varied, and sometimes very loud opinion as to what wine should be paraded out to cheers the occasion. We've also paired these personalities to the wines that match them!

Read on to find yours, mofo.



This personality knows a fair whack about the wines they drink. Pass them a bottle of Patrick Lesec Bargeton Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache Blend 2018 down the table - it's the quintessential food pairer from a region bursting with history and tales of bygone eras.



This personality is the ultimate guest at the dinner party because they a great all rounder for chatter. Our Gusto Mama Sangiovese 2019 is the playful wine for these guys - It's juicy, it's luscious, it's affordable, it's hard not to love!



This personality has the utmost respect for the land from which the fruit is sourced and will only enjoy a wine with an organic certification. Syrahmi New Beginnings Shiraz 2016 : Certified Organic, boutique producer, whole bunch, wild yeast fermentation... Conscience cleared.



This personality only drinks pinot noir. And is not afraid to tell you this. Mention that you brought along the Wild Earth Pinot Noir 2018 - Just add any duck or pork dish and watch this drop take your friendship to the next level.



Ah. It's all for the 'gram, man. This personality only drinks trendy wine that you've never heard of, and takes artistic photos of the bottle with a review as the caption. Present the Guy Larmandier Cramant Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru NV - It's so pretty and classic and we haven't even popped the cork yet! 'Gram it or it didn't happen, okay?



They found this one wine a while back that they completely thought was fine, so they are open to trying new things. Get them onto the Kilikanoon Golden Hillside Riesling 2020 - high quality, low price. Get those two right and you're halfway to expert level already!

So, we want you to check these personality types the next time you’re out with friends or eating with clients, and see if you can spot one or more of the classic types.

Any issues? Just get them the recommended wine to pair and all will be well.

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