What your favourite wine says about you

Charley May
By Charley May
about 8 years ago
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In an image driven world first impressions count, right? It’s why we agonise over an outfit that says “ideal candidate” at a job interview or cultivate a look we hope will turn heads (in a good way). What we look like and buy into says a lot about us; in my case the current ensemble of Melbourne crafted jeans and Jack Wills jumper screams mainstream preppy with a penchant for hipster denim. And it’s the same deal with wine.

But what does your choice of varietal say about you? Well mofos, embrace a few generalisations and indulge us in some wild stereotypes, because you’re about to find out: 


Prosecco is a fresh, fun and fizzy, style that’s made to be enjoyed straight away. It’s not too serious and suits a person that lives in the here and now. 

Prosecco lovers see the joy in the everyday and are willing to celebrate at the drop of a hat. They like fun without the commitment and cost, I’ll raise a glass to that! 

Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is racy, thirst quenching and also pretty consistent in its flavour profile.

These people tend to like sticking to what they know and don’t spend a lot of time overthinking what they drink.


One of the most underrated white wines in the world, this variety is my personal favourite. Riesling is capable of expressing itself in so many ways – dry, off-dry or sweet - whatever its style, it’s capable of making really smart wine.

People who like riesling appreciate subtlety and deep thought, and are often underestimated overachievers.


Chardonnay is quite a neutral grape in terms of its flavour profile.

There are two types of chardonnay lovers: those who want to be wowed and entertained by what a winemaker can do to a grape, or on the flip side (because it’s a grape that can be moulded by other people) they like to be led by the opinions and influences of other people.

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is tricky grape to grow – it needs a lot of love and attention in the vineyard. But, the pain is worthwhile.

A great pinot is full of complex flavour; silky but powerful and a really sexy drink. Pinot suits a person who is a pure pleasure seeker and a risk taker. Pinot lovers are willing to throw everything at a challenge and are willing to pay for the promise of ecstasy.


This is a grape that does really well in both cool and warm climates. It’s adaptable, super popular and a solid performer of the red wine world.

People who like shiraz are similarly solid, generally quite grounded, generous, dependable and very likeable characters.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dubbed the king of grapes, cabernet is generally a big, strong and tannic wine that needs some age to soften out. 

Therefore, people who like it are often those ‘alpha’ types who are really commanding and like to make their presence felt. They’re power players, but they have patience and know to strike while the iron is hot. 


Nebbiolo is the grape behind the great Barolo wine. Barolos might look a little pale in comparison to other reds, but don’t be fooled by this – it belies their true power, complexity and determination.

They’re aromatic and ethereal but they taste full bodied and assertive. People who like Barolo are often strong and silent types; you might think a breeze would knock them over but underestimate them at your peril. They’re smart, powerful people who know what they want and how to get it.

Hey Kids!

Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence:

  • to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (penalty exceeds $23,000).
  • for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (penalty exceeds $900)

Liquor Licence No. 36300937


At Vinomofo, we love our wine, but we like to also lead long and happy lives, and be good to the world and the people in it. We all try to drink responsibly, in moderation, and we really hope you do too.

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