Behind the lens: A trip through Tamar Valley

Kit Young
By Kit Young
about 7 years ago
3 min read

I love the old cliche that the journey is half the adventure, or half the fun, because in my line of work – it couldn’t be truer. I’m a photographer, have been for a decade now, and some of my most treasured moments on the road are those that often go unseen. The shots that don’t make the glossy pages. Or in the internet world, the header image. 

In Vinomofo’s case, those moments are the interactions we have with local winemakers, growers and vineyard teams. It’s watching my friends try a varietal for the first time; drinking wine while cooking risotto; driving to the beach with a slight hangover. Basically, I love the behind the scenes. 

Just recently, the legends over at Lonely Planet sent us down to Tassie to explore the Tamar. These are my favourite moments: 

Our Mofo motto is “you can never be over prepared”. Jokes, it’s actually “always have a second glass”, but we do think sunscreen is important. 

This is Tayla, my video partner-in-crime. Behind her is Pat, otherwise known as ‘the toothpicker’. They live together, in a very platonic way. FYI, Cataract Gorge is very pretty. 

Don’t be mistaken, wineries are not all glitz, glamour, and grape juice. Josef Chromy Wines are all about the high vis. I think the yellow particularly compliments Charlotte’s hair. 

This guy had just counted to 2,345 when I interrupted him asking for a photo. He lost count after that. 

We were lucky enough to meet Josef Chromy’s sabrage master (and head winemaker), Jeremy. He owns that sword, by the way. 

Unfortunately, the B-list talent never gets a refill. Sorry Patty-Cakes. 

If it isn’t on instagram, did it ever really happen? #wine #travel #lonelyplanet #vinomofo #chardy4life #drinkup #tasmania

Beverage of choice during vintage? Boags red, obviously. 

Here’s Pat making eyes at winery owners; just some of the lovely, generous, incredibly knowledgeable wine folk we meet on the road. 

I keep my wine on the left side, yeah that’s the mofo side. Eddie ‘The Wine Guy’ taking a traveller with him. 

Hello? Is it wine you’re looking for? If so, Pat reckons this one tastes like pears, apples and unicorn tears. 

She’s packed her hairdryer and her ugg boots, but the map of Tasmania proves ever elusive. 

When it’s 5pm, you’re bogged on a remote Tasmanian beach, and the reality of the situation really begins to set in. 

Emotional stages of being bogged: fear, submission, panic, zero fucks. Oh, and pinot. 

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. But drinking wine is always okay. 

The best adventures always happen in the back of a ute. In Tasmania. 

Key to making girls smile? Rescue them from the sand and give them a beer. Simple pleasures. 

Tayla trying very hard to look travel nonchalant. How’s that sunset though? 

Checking in at the office. Ticking off action items, tying off to-do lists and then back to the tasting bench. It’s a hard life. 

And the aftermath. A good wine trip comes complete with laugh lines, hangovers and sand everywhere. 

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