Snacks to pair with sauvignon blanc

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
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Goat’s cheese crostini

The classic pairing that’s on almost every somm’s savvy b pairing cheat-sheet. We’d be opting for a fresh and punchy chévre to line up alongside a chilled sauvignon blanc because like a double-act that’s been together for decades; and, even if you’ve seen the show a thousand times, we’re not salty about a re-run - it’s classic, it’s consistent, and it’s guaranteed to entertain. The goat’s cheese provides the setup to the pairing, with that salty, grassy, creaminess and lashings of texture; the wine brings an unexpected punchline of clean, cool, acidity and fruits. And it’s guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, no matter if you’re heard this one before.

Fresh oysters

Alright, this might not be your everyday snack if you’re not lucky enough to live near the coast, but when you’ve got the opportunity to shuck a couple of these briny delights then you can’t do much wrong than to pair them with a perfectly chilled glass of sauvignon blanc. The wine will bring that steel, zest and racy acidity to chase; complementing and contrasting in all the right ways with that bright, bracing salinity of the oyster.

Potato chips with a sour cream and chive dip

This is one of those anytime, anywhere pairings to break out. Perfect as a party starter, equally as good for when you’re a party of one at home on the couch. Sauvignon blanc and salted potato chips are already a winner, with the salt of the chip likely to elevate your perception of the fruit in the wine, but you’ll be off to the races when you bring a sour cream and chive dip into the mix too. The fat of the chips and the sour cream is going to provide a dance partner for that refreshing savvy b acidity, with the chives doing a job of complementing those more grassy and herbal notes in cool-climate sav. Don’t let its plain appearance fool you - it’s a pairing that’s anything but beige.


A great one to bust out during avocado season - a fresh, homemade guac with whatever carb you feel like dipping into it will go great with savvy b - light, herbaceous and zesty dip, meet a light, bright wine with classic capsicum herbaceousness through to tropical passion fruits that will convince you you’re on the beaches of Cancun.

Thai-style fish cakes

And speaking of inspired tropical pairings, thai-style fish cakes with a sweet chilli dipping sauce are also something to consider reaching for with a savvy b. Salty and with that sweet hit from the chili, they’ll be a great sparring partner for cool, refreshing savvy b. No doubt about it.

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