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Adam Liaw’s lamb shoulder with fruit-chutney glaze from his excellent 7 Days of Dinner can bring succulent sunshine to your weekend table, and it got us thinking about our perfect wine pairings for those long, luxurious meals with friends and fam.

Here's what our buyer Tully tips as an ideal wine pair alongside - grab a glass and impress with your pairing prowess at home.

“Lamb is a versatile beast, and one that I wouldn’t recommend trying to tame with what’s in your glass. Instead, I like to lean into the wild side a little bit and compliment the flavours of the dish you’ve got going. It might be controversial, but I love a good glass of Adelaide Hills pinot to go with lighter, leaner lamb dishes (think infused flavours of honey, rosemary and thyme); the bright acidity helps to cut through the fatiness, but the earthy tones in the wine will really accentuate the same in the dish. 

When I’m opting for something more decadent, the kind of lamb that you’ve roasted for hours (like the one below) I’m definitely opting for a wine with a bit of spice and grunt to it. A Barossa shiraz is a real go-to here, especially one that is sourced from vineyards in both Barossa and Eden Valleys: that bright acidity is your best friend with the fattiness of the lamb!” - Tully, Wine Buyer

Pinot Noir 2023 – Black Market Deal #48455

This is bright, juicy and lifted pinot from the Adelaide Hills. Weighty and complex without sacrificing finesse and style. Sour cherry, classic cassis, raspberry, strawberry, coulis, a bit of nettle. This is a wine that is brilliantly composed - the winemaking pedigree is second to none, this producer champions regional typicity, and the growers of those regions, more so than any other. For that reason the fruit is really championed here, and it shines through in every sip. Let it open up a little in your glass, you'll be rewarded with unending twists and turns as it evolves in front of you. Brilliant pinot - among the region’s best.

Shiraz 2019 – Black Market Deal #46479

No introduction necessary for this one - it’s our best selling Australian shiraz for a reason. This Barossa shiraz speaks of the powerful Barossa terroir and the master crafters who made it. It’s powerful and opulent, but maintains a certain grace that keeps everything in balance. There’s no surprises here with the flavour profile; an expression of blackberry, plum, chocolate, spices and cedar from the use of 30% new French oak. After four years cellaring time, it’s drinking beautifully now, but has another decade of prime left in it for those patient types.


Lamb shoulder with fruit-chutney glaze

Serves 6

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 3 ½ hours

Resting time: 15 minutes

"Lamb shoulder is a family favourite. Cooked long, it can be pulled apart and off the bone for a flavourful roast with a decadent cap of fat that keeps the meat moist. The sweet chutney adds a lovely glaze, and the acid of the mint and lemon sauce cuts through the fat."

  • 4 brown onions, peeled and quartered

  • 2 kg (4 lb 6 oz) bone-in lamb shoulder

  • salt and black pepper, to season

  • ¾ cup (210 g/71/2 oz) fruit chutney

Mint and lemon sauce

  • 2 cups loosely packed mint leaves, roughly chopped

  • 2 teaspoons sugar

  • 1 teaspoon fish sauce (optional)

  • ¼ cup (60 ml/7 1/2 oz) white vinegar

  • juice and grated zest of 1 lemon

  • salt, to season

Preheat your oven to 180°C (360°F) fan-forced. Place the onion quarters in a roasting tin. Season the lamb well with salt and pepper and place on top of the onions. Add 2 cups (500 ml/ 17 fl oz) water to the base of the tin and cover with aluminium foil or a lid. Roast the lamb, covered, for 3 hours.

Increase the oven temperature to 220°C (430°F) fan-forced. Remove the lamb from the oven, uncover, and brush the top of the lamb with the fruit chutney. Return the lamb to the oven and cook for a further 20–30 minutes, uncovered, until the juices at the base of the pan thicken and the lamb is well browned. Remove the lamb, leaving the onion and pan juices in the roasting tin, and rest on a plate for about 15 minutes.

To make the mint and lemon sauce, combine all the ingredients and season with salt to taste. Stir to dissolve the sugar and salt.

Spoon the onion and some of the pan juices onto a serving plate, place the lamb on top and finish with more of the pan juices and the mint and lemon sauce.

Tip from Adam: "I often roast lamb shoulder ‘naked’ by following the same recipe but without the onions, water or chutney glaze. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can serve with your favourite sauces or dressings."

This is an edited extract from 7 Days of Dinner by Adam Liaw, published by Hardie Grant Books.

Photography: © Steve Brown.

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