Meet your dealer: Jordan

Ben Rimerici
By Ben Rimerici
about 5 years ago
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Our Wine Dealers are much like fine art dealers, but for wine. It’s an opt-in only service, so you kinda have to be in the know. Whether you’re a newbie and want to chat vino basics, or you’re finessing your twenty-year cellar plan, they’re here to level up your wine experience. Jordan has been with us over two and a half years now, and we didn’t pay him anything extra to write the kind words below - not even in wine.

If you were a wine, what would you be? Why?

Chardonnay. I’m versatile (not in the way you’re thinking). I can be big, luscious, round, smooth, caring, loving, empathetic, a great listener. But I can also be lean, light, crisp, zesty, fun, energetic, happy and funny. 

What do you love about wine?

I love how much wine there is to explore. There are thousands of different grapes, new up-and-coming regions and winemaking techniques that completely change a wine. Natural wines, really aged wines... the list just goes on. It’s so exciting when you get to try something new - even if you don’t like it.

What’s the unsung wine you think everyone should be drinking? 

Cava. My new love. It’s like Spanish Champagne. Made in the traditional method, it’s rich, toasty, dry and soooo yummy. But it can also be made in a variety of different styles – plus it’s nowhere near as expensive as Champagne

What’s the best part of being a Wine Dealer?

Chatting with absolute legends, not just about wine but life, politics, dogs, reality tv, music, Eurovision... it’s pretty special. Mofos have even invited me over for drinks. I love them immensely and they make this job a dream.

What exactly is it that you do as a Wine Dealer?

Taste wine. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (Be jealous.) Then get to know my clients’ tastes in wine to make sure they get the best possible wines out of us. Wine is so subjective and people’s tastes vary so much. It’s my job to take the guessing out of it and offer people wines that I know they will love, but also to open their eyes to some amazing new styles. 

What’s the coolest way you’ve been able to help a mofo out? 

I’ve arranged wine for a tonne of weddings - every single person comes back to me and says how easy I made it and how much everyone loved the wine. Seriously, we are the best place to get wine for weddings and events. We know exactly what people love, which wines are best for the occasion, and you’ll save loads compared to buying vino from the bottle-o.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about their Wine Dealer?

I’m not a telemarketer and I’m not going to force wine on you. We don’t work on commission, so unlike other places we aren’t going to go all ‘Car Salesman’ on you. We are honest about wine and will only sell a wine to you if we genuinely love it, and if you really do need it. We don’t want you drowning in wine - although, that wouldn’t be the worst…

What’s the first wine you got drunk on?

Definitely not ashamed to admit it was Fruity Lexia. Those $10 casks had four litres of easy-to-drink wine that went perfectly with tropical Juice, and got me through three solid years of university study!

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