Meet Your Dealer: Jordan

Summer Lee
By Summer Lee
over 2 years ago
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Our Wine Dealers are much like fine art dealers, but for wine. It’s an opt-in only service, so you kinda have to be in the know. Whether you’re a newbie and want to chat vino basics, or you’re finessing your twenty-year cellar plan, they’re here to level up your wine experience.


"Howdy, I’m Jordan the self proclaimed, (yet undisputed) fashion icon of Vinomofo!"

"I’m one of the newest recruits on the Wine Dealer Team, but I fit in like Lisa Rinna’s new lips. I love animals, and have a little chihuahua named Bear. I also have two cats named Viper and Onyx and they love to bark and meow specifically when I’m on the phone to my mofos! I love love love horror movies, I try to watch at least one a night and am always looking for recommendations! My guilty pleasure is reality TV (even though I don’t feel guilty about it at all). If I'm not watching something, I'm probably listening to disco, dancing around the house, pretending I'm Grace Jones or Diana Ross!"

If you were a wine, what would you be? Why?

"If I was a wine I would be a double magnum of Champagne. I’m the one that you just wanna have a good time with. A little bit wild, a little fun, but always classy. Also, it has to be a double magnum because go big or go home..."

What do you love about wine?

"I love that it's so subjective. Everyone has different opinions and tastes so every single wine starts a new conversation. There is so much history and culture in wine that is exciting to talk about and it's not just about the wine itself a lot of the time, it's also about personal experiences, which makes it the most fun!"

What’s the unsung wine you think everyone should be drinking? 

"Thinking about Christmas time coming up, I’ve definitely been drinking a lot more sparkling! Everything from Australian sparkling, French Champagne and even some Spanish cava! If you’ve never had a cava before you are definitely going to want to, your family will love you and so will your wallet."

What’s the best part of being a Wine Dealer?

"I get to talk to so many people who are all completely different. I get to share personal experiences and a mutual love for wine with people that I never would have talked to otherwise. The wine dealers create really close bonds with a lot of our customers and it makes being a wine dealer really exciting!"

But what exactly is it that you do as a Wine Dealer?

"Basically I help my customers find the perfect wines that they will love to drink, but its so much more than that. Wine is just one aspect of the job, a lot of it is chatting to our customers and sharing tasting notes and our views on wines."

What’s the coolest way you’ve been able to help a mofo out? 

I get to help find wines for a lot of events and weddings. They are always really fun to organise and I love getting emails afterwards with photos from the night. It makes you feel like you really got to help make their day special."

What’s one thing you wish people knew about their Wine Dealer?

"We use spittoons! I speak to a lot of customers about tasting wines and I think that some of them think that tastings at 10am on a Monday morning is a non-stop party - I mean it is, but we still spit out the wines. Although, if we taste an especially good chardonnay or Champagne, I have been known to push the spittoon away."

Don't have a Wine Dealer yet, and feeling left out? Get in touch and we'll get you started on that wine experience level-up.

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