May the wine be with you

By Vinomofo
almost 5 years ago
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You may think that Star Wars and wine styles are a tenuous link, but we find that most things in life are better when matched with the right wine. So on unofficial Star Wars Day, May the fourth, we pair some favourite characters with our favourite varieties.

Elegant, optimistic and forceful.

Whether it's believing that her parents will be returning to save her on Jakku, or that Kylo Renn can still be good, Rey is the ultimate optimist. Against all odds Rey is the unlikely hero but as far as we can tell, she may be exploring territory beyond her homeland but she's right were she belongs.

Rey's wine match – McLaren Vale Grenache.

Pure, precise and driven.

In a Galaxy populated by rogues, renegades and grotesque beings of indiscernible origin or pedigree, Princess Leia is an anomaly – a breath of fresh air. The object of men’s affection, including her own brother, she exemplifies poise, control, focus and confidence, as well as a unique sparkle.

Leia's wine match – Sparkling wine.

Layered, rich and full-bodied.

Jabba the Hutt is a greedy, gluttonous hedonist. He holds court as the Galactic Godfather presiding over a gang of goons but surely beneath those layers lies something pure? If so, it’s very well hidden.

Jabba's wine match – 1980s Aussie Chardonnay.

Noble, reliable and trustworthy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is moral virtue personified – the archetypal father figure. Not only can he skilfully guide and mentor a reckless and easily influenced Luke Skywalker through adolescent and intergalactic challenges, he can Jedi mind-trick the shit out of a Stormtrooper with a few carefully chosen words and is more than capable of handling himself in a Tatooine bar fight.

Obi-Wan's wine match – Cabernet sauvignon.

Soft, cuddly and underrated.

The classic sidekick, Chewbacca is the shotgun-riding reluctant hero. Often underestimated due to his simple, guttural growls and overgrown teddy bear appearance, Chewie's the ultimate wingman and the real rockstar of the Millennium Falcon. He’s the merlot to Han Solo’s cabernet and together they’re a formidable force.

Chewie's wine match – Merlot.

Enigmatic, mysterious and revered.

Yoda is a 2ft tall Jedi master who wields wisdom with humility and lightsaber with devastating dexterity. Wise, even beyond his hundreds of years, Yoda’s character and integrity is that by which all others are measured. “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.” - Yoda.

Match Yoda-wine – Pinot noir.

Bold, ruthless and powerful.

Darth Vader is the dark side personified. He doesn’t muck around, pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. There was a time when a young Darth Vader could have been tempted to lighten up a little but we’re quite pleased he chose to dominate on the dark side, he does it so well. 

“The force is strong with this one.”

Vader's wine match – Barossa shiraz.

Fun, energetic and likeable.

Finn is the kind of friend you know you can take to any kind of party and they will fit in just fine. Adventurous, funny and with a real name that is hard to say, it's hard to look past an Italian varietal for our favourite former stormtrooper.

Finn's wine match – Tempranillo.

Torn between light and dark.

Kylo's inner turmoil is a battle between light and dark, while he ultimately falls somewhere in between – leaning one way at various times. Much of his character is embedded in his family identity, and we know for sure when things get a bit heated that he's pretty easy on the eyes.

Kylo's wine match - Rosé.

Mofos, May the fourth be with you. 

Hey Kids!

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