Foods to pair with viognier

By Vinomofo
9 months ago
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Viognier is medium to full-bodied, aromatic, and has layers of flavour & texture that's perfect for pairing with a whole heap of dishes. In no particular order, here’s five of our fave match ups for this fantastically food-friendly wine.

BBQ mango pork belly

You’ll often see viognier loosely and lazily described as “great with Asian food”, but we can do better than that. Let’s kick off with this Indonesian inspired classic, that’s a 10/10 match for viognier. A fuller white, it can party with heavier proteins like pork, and the sweetness of the mango and the smokiness of that BBQ char are perfectly balanced by the classic floral and stone fruited notes of the wine.

Tassie scallop pie

As with the “great with asian food” advice you’ll also see viognier boringly described as a “great seafood option”. Here’s our dream pick though - a chilled glass of viognier with a steaming hot tassie scallop pie. The richness of the scallops and the buttery pastry crust are complemented by the lush texture and fruit notes of the viognier, and the slightly sweeter nature of viognier means it can wrap around any curry spice in the sauce too. Mouthwateringly moreish.

Prawn and ginger noodles

You don’t often see “ginger” as a reference note for white wines, but viognier is one of the exceptions and we love it for that. Give it a complementary pairing with a dish of prawn and ginger noodles - that subtle and rich ginger heat will buddy up with the wine, without overwhelming the delicate protein of the prawns. Plus, you’ll find the whole experience accentuated by those fantastic aromatics and texture that viognier does so well. 

Chicken and apricot tagine

We’re busting out another protein + stone fruit dish here, because they’re the real winners when it comes to viognier pairings, chicken and apricot tagine being no exception. The sweet, sour and savoury flavours of the tagine buddy up and riff with the fruits and texture of the viognier, with those classic apricot notes of viognier really shining through in this match.

Cashew aubergine curry

Although stone-fruit pairings are always a winner, don’t sleep on more savoury pairing options for viognier either. Here, the nuttiness of the cashews and that savoury, umami flavour of the aubergine are going to be contrasted against viognier’s floral and fruit notes to create a full spectrum of flavour, so you can have it all. That residual sweetness is also going to take the edge off any of the curry's spicy heat too, meaning you can keep going and going and going. Just remember to wear something with a loose waistband.

So there you go, five of our faves for viognier. Remember though, you know you and what your palate likes, and the joy is always in discovering a new pairing. So be bold, carpe diem, and as a great philosopher never said - veni, vidi, viognier.

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