Foods to pair with albariño

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
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Spanish born, fresh, zesty, with that saline edge, albariño is a great shout at the dinner table for when you’re eating lighter too. Here’s five dishes that have become our go-to pairs.


Painting with a pretty broad brush here, because paella is pretty much a choose-your-own-adventure of a meal; saffron-infused rice is always the base, but who knows what delicious mix of seafood, chicken or chorizo you’ll be throwing into the mix? The great news is that albariño can be there for it all, adding classic citrus and a racy acidity that’s like a wedge of fresh lemon squeezed over the top. A fresh, vibrant, delicious dish calls for a fresh, vibrant and delicious wine. 

Spaghetti alle vongole

Spaghetti with clams for those of us who don’t parla italiano. It’s a simple dish, but the best pairings don’t need to be needlessly complex. The classic salinity of albarino complements the brininess of the clams, and those “greener” grassier notes also find a home when set against the garlic and the parsley in the sauce - plus, those zesty fruits really come to the fore. There’s nothing more to say for this one - classic, timeless, tasty.


Albariño's clean and refreshing profile makes it an excellent choice for a whole range of sushi. It won't overpower the delicate flavours of whatever classic flavours or fish you’re dining down on - be it maki, nigiri or sashimi. Our catch of the day though - unagi (eel) nigiri with a glass of a more textural albarino that’s spent a little time on its lees. That smokiness of the grilled eel is going to love the vibrancy of the wine that’ll be bringing its own tangy citrus. But albarino’s not a one trick pony - run it through the full sushi spectrum and discover your own fave. 

Chicken caesar salad

The creamy dressing and salty parmesan cheese in this dish call for a wine with some racy, refreshing acidity, and albariño more than fits the bill. The wine's bright fruit flavours and crisp finish balance out the richness of that caesar dressing, lending its own saline notes to riff with the salty anchovy tang. Perfect for a long lunch.

Fish tacos

If you’ve stuck with us this far, you’ll know already why this makes sense - albariño's bright fruit flavours and zesty acidity complements the spice and citrus you’ll find in some classic fish tacos. Fresh, vibrant and fun, it’s a flavour fiesta. Load ‘em up and keep the albariño (and good times) flowing.

And as always… you know you, and your palate. Feel free to mix it up and experiment - the joy is always in the discovery of a new favourite pairing.

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