Food pairings for sauvignon blanc

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
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Sauvignon blanc is a surprisingly versatile drop when it comes to delicious pairings. Here's our top picks.

Goat’s cheese salad

It’s a classic for a reason - opposites attract. Earthy, nutty, creamy goat’s cheese is almost a perfect contrast to the flavours you’ll classically find in a steely, crisp, citrusy sauvignon blanc; plus any herbal or capsicum-like notes in the savvy b will find a home with the rest of the ingredients of the salad too, whatever you’re throwing into the mix. Give it a go(at).

Moules marinières

A pairing that outgrew the Loire Valley and conquered the world. Imagine you’re sitting down to eat a bowl of steaming mussels in that creamy, garlicky, parsley flecked sauce, served alongside a heap of hot, salty fries - and then someone hands you a chilled glass of savvy b, and you realise it was all you ever needed to complete the picture, and maybe life, too? Sauvignon blanc has the rep for being a “seafood” wine for a few very good reasons - it’s light with a racy acidity, plus fresh fruit notes and sometimes (depending on where it’s hailing from) flinty and mineral on the finish. It’s pretty much a perfect foil for a plate of fresh oysters or sashimi too - but moules marinières is where the mofos know it’s really at.

Pea and mint risotto

Sauvignon blanc loves a bit of green veg - especially when it’s found in cooler climates, as the grapes often retain compounds that give the wine capsicum, herbal & grassy notes. With a pea and mint risotto it’ll slot right into its little green family, and also invite those classic fruits to the party too. Throw in that nice, fresh acidity to refresh your palate between mouthfuls, and you’ve got a perfect spring pairing that’ll put a spring in your step anytime of year.

Vietnamese chicken salad

Okay, yes it’s the second salad on this list, but you’ll love it. Whilst goat’s cheese wears the crown of the “classic” old world pairing, fresh, light Asian or Asian inspired dishes are coming for the throne when it comes to pairing with savvy b. When it comes bright, tangy, sweet and sour flavours, the option is always there to reach for a wine that does the same, and sauvignon blanc more than meets that criteria. Our pick - a Vietnamese chicken salad (Gỏi Gà Bắp Cải), which never misses.

Crispy fried lemon pepper calamari

There’s a little secret to pairing savvy b we’ll let you in on - basically any food that could be improved by squeezing a wedge of lemon over the top will go great with sauvignon blanc. Applies to your pub classics too - fish and chips, chicken schnitty - but for our money the winner has to be lemon pepper calamari, hot straight from the fire. See you at the seaside.

As always, the joy is always in discovering a new pairing, so never be afraid to experiment to see which works for you - there's not rules on how you're meant to enjoy your wine.

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