5 ways wine lovers can fight climate change

Ben Rimerici
By Ben Rimerici
6 days ago
2 min read

Here are 5 ways to fight climate change just by drinking wine, mofo:

1. Drink at home, alone.

Order a bottle of your fave red through Vinomofo OnDemand – and have Deliveroo cycle it to you, instead. Kill the lights (saves power, and more emissions) and enjoy your newfound carbon neutrality from the dark comfort of your own home.

2. Insulate your house with corks.

Save those corks and head-to-toe your walls in nature’s insulator. You’ll need a LOT of corks. That’s about as good an excuse to smash more Old World wine as you’re ever gonna find. 

3. Drink sparkling. 

Fermentation releases some of the carbon produced by grapevines back into the atmosphere. With sparkling, though, it’s not all allowed to escape, hence the bubbles… By drinking the stuff, that CO2 is literally absorbed into you. Your iron stomach shields us from gassy oblivion. Just don’t fart, mofo. For the sake of the planet.


4. Upcycle your wine bottles into a chandelier. 

The main reason for this is, it’s totally badass. Instead of just plain old recycling, UPcycle them into a f@*#ing chandelier, mofo. Shine your light on the world while showing off all the crazy good wine you’ve been drinking lately. Just don’t blame us if you become an overnight Instagram sensation. You can credit us, though, @vinomofo. 

5. Plant more trees grapevines. 

Grapevines are plants too. Plants enjoy a bit of CO2. By drinking wine, and getting your mates to drink wine, you’re an economic reason to plant more grapevines. More vines = more CO2 consumed. It is your moral duty to make sure we plant as many vines as possible, mofo.