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Our co-founder Andre was not impressed when we told him that he’d be tasting an Adelaide Hills sauvignon blanc (regardless of the 5 star producer, 99 points and gold medal bling thing). This is the guy who launched a wine company in New Zealand wearing a ‘Death Before Sauvignon Blanc’ tee-shirt, after all. You could call him a vinous extremist, but he’d just say he has taste. Fast forward a few hours (and a few glasses) later, and his palate is a changin’....


Lemon Zest
So Adsy, our Creative Director, comes up and says ‘hey Andre, it’d be really cool if you could do a wine monologue for one of our Black Market deals’ and I’m like, ‘yeah, I’d love to, bring it on’. So he hands me the wine and he says it’s a 2016 Adelaide Hills sauvignon blanc. 
Now this is a stitch up. I don’t even like sauvignon blanc. 


New World International Wine Competition 2017
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National Wine Show
So I decided to look it up, right. I am reading about what our wine buyers had to say about it and they said ‘it’s gonna smack you in the mouth like a jagger concert’. I don’t know what that means, and I suspect Karel was drunk when he wrote it. But he did say it’d been given 99 points, that it was a 5 star producer and a gold medal show winner. 
So I had a taste. And it’s actually not awful. It’s super citrusy and limey and zesty, and it’s one of the least offensive sauvignon blancs I’ve had in a long time. It’s more like a pine lime splice. It doesn’t have ripe, flabby, offensive tropical fruits. There’s pedigree there. 
It’s pretty much as good as this country makes. 
Now, I don’t like sauv blanc. But if you do like sauv blanc, you’re probably gonna go ‘wow, that’s really great’. Me, I’m going to put this down, I’m going to wish you well and say thanks for listening - and then I’m going to wash my mouth out with a chardonnay. 
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It’s cool, we get it, you want to know absolutely everything about this wine. Well here you go, go nuts.


Adelaide Hills
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Adelaide Hills
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The rules are there ain’t no rules, but here are some foods we think will work pretty well with this wine...

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