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Why do we love this wine?

Oh chardonnay, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach… Especially when it comes from one very special vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning may have been a few years too early to have tasted this, but her words ring true.  This is bottled poetry.



We love our chardonnay at the ‘Fo, in all its glorious incarnations.  From the skinny to the voluptuous, the acidic to the buttery, if it’s well balanced it has its place.  When you find one that sits in the middle of this spectrum and stands out for all the right reasons, it’s cause for celebration.

This is a confident wine that flaunts its chardy credentials with pride and so it should.  When you have fruit this good that has been handled precisely and purposefully you ought to be proud.  Lesser winemakers may have gone overboard with the tweaks in the winery, not this one.

From a single vineyard in the Adelaide Hills comes fruit laden with depth and power, framed by crisp citrus acidity.  It’s a very good start.  The oak use is evident and serves to add a layer of soft complexity.  It’s cashews and brioche on the nose with gorgeous stone fruits shining through.

The palate is simply divine, the balance precise.  Oak is seamless and complements the rich fruit, it’s like lime butter on oatmeal crackers.   It has had a few years in the bottle to rest and will continue to evolve, but don’t wait.  Its drinking window is open, wide open.

This is what we love about cool climate chardonnay.  Beautifully balanced fruit, structure and oak, all very carefully and purposefully constructed. 

How do I love thee?  How about we open a bottle and I’ll start the list.  Make yourself comfortable, because it’s a long one.

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Adelaide Hills
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Adelaide Hills
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