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What an amazing value-for-money Chardy, 94pts Halliday, and no wonder - it's from the Chardy Masters at Tuck's Ridge!



For some of us, wine elicits unbridled passion and perhaps a little more intensity than an inanimate beverage might warrant.  You know what I’m talking about.  You care for it, nurse it through the rough years, celebrate its coming of age and then neck it with the same rampant enthusiasm you had for your first kiss.  No, make that your third kiss, the first is always a little awkward.

We’re cool with that here at the ‘Fo.  We get your passion and have been known to get a little ‘animated’ from time to time after tasting a special bottle ourselves.  Great wine just does that to you, it gets the juices flowing. 

Some may say it’s the alcohol content that loosens lips, so to speak, but I reckon there’s something more to it, something yet to be quantified.

Until someone isolates that magic love juice genome we’ll just have to keep searching for it in bottles of wine.  A worthy pursuit it is too, and like relationships it can be hit and miss. 

That’s where the ‘Fo comes in.  That’s right, the doctor is in the house, bringing the love potion.  You got the fever for the flavour and we have the remedy.  I’ll borrow directly from Andre’s tasting notes here to give you an insight into the healing powers of this wine and how it inspired my own salubrious, life-affirming rant. 

“Minerality, oyster shell, lime, white nectarine, almonds and searing acidity.  A racy explosion of flavour in a lean, slick chassis.  Match with mussels.”  

Somebody hand me a stiff drink!  Surely there are other red-blooded Mofos and Mofettes out there who are compelled to put down their dog-eared copy of 50 Shades of Grey to pay attention upon hearing that.

So take a load off, slip into something a little more comfortable and take the phone off the hook, ‘cause this is one cheeky chardy that deserves your undivided attention.

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Mornington Peninsula
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Tuck's Ridge


Mornington Peninsula
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