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Kevin Mitchell and the Kilikanoon team are old friends now, and 2018 follows the lead of the brilliant 2017. Purity of fruit, clarity of flavour - a heavenly party starter, and always the last to leave.



Who is Fanny Limehead?

Signs that you’ve fallen for Fanny include: weak knees, citrus hickeys, bursts of euphoria, increased riesling appetite, bouts of song and the desire to simultaneously squeeze a lemon, sniff a lime and tell someone you love them. It’s a serious condition. And we’ve just caught a case of the Limehead for the seventh vintage in a row. That’s right, the Queen of the Orchard is back, baby.

One of the effervescent pioneers in our Collaboration Series, Fanny Limehead is an enchanting, beguiling, bewitching riesling. A Clare Valley sweetheart and vino temptress, she’ll beckon you into her garden of unearthly delights, turn your head with a cloud of jasmine, then kiss you smack on the lips and squeeze your bum in front of your grandparents. Someone warn Dick Lemonbottom (the ex), because Fanny ’18 is here. 

Made by Kevin Mitchell & the Kilikanoon team

Kilikanoon celebrated 20 years of winemaking by Kevin Mitchell in 2017, so it was a nice time to join them and create what their classic wine is: Clare riesling. Kilikanoon was named ‘Australian Winery of the Year’ and among the ‘Top 5 Wineries of the World’ by Germany’s prestigious Selection Magazine. No flash in the pan, they were named Halliday’s Winery of the Year in 2013. Kevin comes from a long line of vignerons, and his dad Mort even tended to Kilikanoon’s Golden Hillside suite of vineyards - including the eponymous Mort’s Block - for over 40 years. We also love the fact that they use the phrase ‘humble beginnings’ on their website. 

The Wine 

Fanny 2018 is generous but fine, fleshy and floral. Lime and grapefruit flesh, lemon pith, mango skin, redcurrant even. Less green apple than the 2017, but more florals. Hints of jasmine, a light herbaceousness, just a flake of macadamia brioche. Fresh but fulsome, like a torrent of citrus happiness poured through a slippery, narrow funnel and honing to a fine point. Precision is a perennial hallmark.

Remember: it’s not your fault. You can’t help falling in love with Fanny.

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Clare Valley
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