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This chardonnay and its siblings in the cellar have flown under the radar for too long, and it’s only a short matter of time before this brand goes ballistic. It’s just starting to get the recognition it deserves, after having only been around a few years, from humble vigneron beginnings. The owner/winemaker’s early-life crisis took him from a completely different career, to here, where his passion was just too strong to ignore. Cool climate wine has been in his dreams for his whole life, and he’s now solidifying those dreams by making the wines from them. You can taste the conviction in his wines. 



His 2015 chardonnay just got two 95 point ratings, and although it’s early days 2017 is fast being called one of the best vintages in recent times, including ’15 (which was also considered excellent). So think of this as a futures stock, or an en primeur release. It doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful wine now, but give it a couple of years in bottle and it’ll be even better. Oak is a background influence in his winemaking, and the fruit shines, as does texture, softness and vibrancy. Elderflower, lemon pith, oatmeal and some toastiness - these are just four of a cavalcade of flavours you can name as the wine opens and warms up in the glass. As with all good chardonnay, it’s the evolution of flavour that you can see in the glass that says it’s got a good life ahead. As do you, especially if this wine’s in it.

Black Market deals are only made possible if we don’t reveal the maker’s brand on site. The wines are the genuine article, absolutely no cleanskins or fake brands, just dangerously good value. You won’t find out what it is until it hits your doorstep, but you won’t regret it. Just keep it on the down low.

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Yarra Valley
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100% Chardonnay
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Yarra Valley
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