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Why do we love this wine?
We took a lazy stroll through our imagination and arrived at a deliriously happy place. The air smelled sweet, the sun felt warm, there was a harmony of good tunes, familiar faces, laughter. We wished for a wine to embody this visceral indulgence, one that promised pure escapism. 



We looked to our co-conspirator and chardonnay dreamweaver, Barney Flanders. And my, what a fantasy elixir he has created. 

Welcome to Arcadia Bohemia.

What is the collaboration series?

This range is all about celebrating and collaborating with the folk who get their hands dirty. The brightest and most passionate wine lovers out there - the winemakers. These are the people who are on site, vintage in and vintage out, turning grapes into magic. 

And in working with Australia’s most talented winemakers, we are humbled to help see a wine come to life, from seedling to screwcap and everything in between. We’re talking honest and epic vino, from the best in the business. In Arcadia’s case, Barney Flanders...

Made by Barney Flanders

Let us introduce the man, the myth, the Mornington Peninsula legend – Barney Flanders. Without question one of the best young winemakers in Australia, everything he touches turns to vinous gold, and his chardy is the trophy on top of the pedestal. 

Not only that, but he’s humble, talented, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have his stamp on this latest Collaboration wine. 

The Process

Okay, let’s talk nitty gritty winemaking details. Hand-picked and hand-sorted from the Lindenderry Vineyard in Red Hill, all fruit for this vino is the P58 clone. In the cool of morning it was gently whole bunch pressed, then the beautifully cloudy juice was transferred to  a mix of old and new puncheons. Here, it was left to ferment using indigenous yeasts. 

Flanders then oversaw an ambient barrel fermentation over 35 days, before the wine was left on ferment lees to barrel for just under a year. Barney is a big time believer in keeping intervention super minimal, he’s all about letting the grapes do the talking. He’s just a humble servant. The result? A wholesome, clean and incredible chardonnay. 

The Wine 

Surrender, and be lead gently by the hand to your flavour nirvana. The dream starts with vibrant citrus and grapefruit notes, with lashings of pear and pineapple. Immerse in this utopia one sip at a time and be revived by invigorating acidity and textural complexity. Step into a pure heavenly garden of 100% hand-picked Mornington Peninsula fruit. 

Grown on 24-year-old vines at up to 220 metres above sea level, Arcadia is at once subtle and complex. A wild Mornington delight, this chardonnay unashamedly revels in its own citrus zest, celebrates the stone fruit and adores a good helping of grapefruit. With tickles of clove and macadamia nut oak, it’s about time you stepped into this heavenly garden. 

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Mornington Peninsula
Alcohol by Vol.
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100% Chardonnay
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Mornington Peninsula
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