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Oh it hurts!  It hurts to keep deals like this on the down-low.  I’m terrible at keeping secrets but pretty good at drinking dead-set sexy blush sparkling pinot noir, so let’s call it a happy compromise.  We like making people happy here at the ‘Fo, especially you, our sparkling swiggin’ Mofos and Mofettes.  So half price bubbles it is!  *chink*



What better way to celebrate than with some tasty sparkling.  It’s the ubiquitous party starter, the go-to drink of choice when it comes to marking special occasions.

My secret to a good party is to get a glass of bubbles in everyone’s hand as soon as they arrive and keep that glass freshly beading all night long.  After one or three everyone loosens up and it’s game on.  The ping pong table is dusted off, party pants are loosened and the volume gradually creeps towards 11.

The other week, we were all having such a good time at my Dad's 70th, but it wasn’t long before that well of sparkling wellness ran dry.  Not good.  That’s when I wished I had a couple dozen of these bad boys on board. 

Golden rule #1.  Always keep a chilled bottle of bubbles on hand. 

Golden rule #2.  Always over-cater when it comes to wine and especially when it comes to sparkling. 

I learned that second one the hard way.  Please Mofos, learn from my mistake and get some of this stashed away in case of emergency.  Your guests will thank you for it, until the next morning of course.

From a 5-star Halliday rated producer in the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills comes this bottled magic with sparkly little bubbles to tickle your fancy, and your palate.  It is a very popular wine and for very good reason. 

Perfumed pinot noir with strawberries and cream are at the fore of the pretty aroma.  The palate is exactly what you’re looking for in crisp sparkling - a touch of peach, a tickle of acid and a luxurious foamy mouthfeel.

This is the ideal aperitif and the perfect sparkling to keep handy for those weekend (or mid week) celebrations.  And don’t say you have nothing worth celebrating this Thursday, because we’ve knocked 50% off this to get your cork popping!

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