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Betty’s Game emerges from a single vineyard of Heathcote vines, where the roots draw on all the history and flavour that lies in the ancient soils, and imbue their grapes with the unfathomable wisdom of the red earth. Pure nebbiolo, and no additives other than a tickle of sulphur at bottling, this rosé is even consumable by vegans - that’s if Betty’s Game doesn’t consume you first. 



But who’s Betty? What’s her game? We don’t know the answers, but we do know that we’re already playing, and we have been for some time now.

Made by Adam Foster

From the kitchen to the cellar, Adam ‘Fozzy’ Foster is the kind of guy that gets a lot done and makes it look easy. He’s a red, rosé and Heathcote specialist. The elusive top wines under his Syrahmi label are rare, well-aged luxuries, with matching prices. On the side, he’s got a little hustle with his old mate Lincoln Riley (Gourmet Traveller’s Sommelier of the Year 2008), called Foster e Rocco. It’s all about their passion for Italian varietals. As with anything Italian, beauty and style is intrinsically linked with food, wine, and lifestyle. The focus for these guys is firmly on all things sangiovese - or was...

The making of…

In 2018 there was a sangiovese shortage in Central Vic, which led Adam to experiment with some nebbiolo from the Camelback vineyard, right next to where his winemaking magic happens. We love a good experiment as much as we love Foster e Rocco rosé, and through friendships we caught wind of this happenstance convergence of our loves. A quick trip to Heathcote, a few bottles of wine, and Betty’s Game began in earnest. 

The nebbiolo grapes were pressed directly to tank and the resultant juice left to do its thing, with merely a guiding hand and loving murmurs of positive reinforcement from Fozzy. A little sulphur at the end ensures entry into the Self Preservation Society, and ultimate freshness (we’re pretty sure this Italianate job will bring the gold all the way home, though).

The label was inspired by Heathcote’s red soils, and the memory of those who roamed the Earth before us. We wanted something unexpected, less pretty. Read more about the Betty’s Game design journey here.

Betty’s Game Rosé 2018

Betty’s Game Rosé glints enigmatically in the glass, an alluring electric copper colour. Seductive tangerine oil and orange blossom aromas hit your nose, with fleshy raspberry undertones. The palate’s pithy, almost sherbety. It’s filled with generous fresh redcurrant and crisp pink grapefruit flavour, plunging to earthy, chocolatey depths. Nebbiolo’s distinctive, Campari-like herbaceousness lifts it up again, only to be drawn out to a serious, savoury strawberry-balsamic finish. Its tannins allude to nebbiolo’s famous peacock tail, but in ethereal form; like an imprint of memory. 

This is no ordinary rosé. Indelibly imprinted on your mind and palate, it’s a wine of presence - confidently fun, and seriously good. It knows where it’s been, and where it’s going. And it’s going in my mouth.

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