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Helichrysum italicum is a small silver-leafed herb with golden yellow, ball-shaped blossoms. Its oil is sought after for its many anti-aging properties, and is also known as the Immortal Flower. It grows wild in this elevated Brunello vineyard, and maybe some of its anti-aging properties rub off on this wine. 45 year old vines, 45 day ferment and into old Slavonian oak for 35 months. San Polino is the first biodynamic estate in Brunello, and they’re a subscriber to the saying that wine is made in the vineyard. It shows.



At the Tasting Bench

My wife loves Italian reds like this one. There’s that fine-but-meaty rusticity to them, backed up by mouth-coating tannins, fresh tannins and all the sour cherries and red fruits and molasses-covered tobacco leaves you could dream up. And the length. How long? Long enough to make you keep the wine in your mouth, sit back, close your eyes and make a supremely satisfied “mmmmghh” sound, and slow down.

I think that’s the wonder of good wine, it actually slows you down and makes you enjoy it. Not always think about it deeply, but at least appreciate it, and maybe the love and care that’s gone into it.


Decanter Magazine
James Suckling
The Wine Doctor
Falstaff Magazine

John (Mofo Buyer) says they’re a tiny producer, who he pretty much stumbled upon. Apparently they get approached all the time and are in a few different markets but not Australia, and they like what we do. So we’re able to offer it to you at half the price you’d get if it came in through classic channels.

“$50 Barolo, $90 Brunello; it’s new territory,” says John.

He’s right. Territory we hope you enjoy. Send us your thoughts on this one if you’re lucky enough to try it. Start with “Dear John…”

This wine is part of our Women in Wine collection. We are committed to ALWAYS having wines available that are made by women. We already support so many women in the industry but we want to make this much more transparent and visible for our mofos. We want to make a real and lasting impact in an industry that is sadly still dominated by men. And this is the first step. Here’s to our Women in Wine!

Winemakers: Katia Nussbaum & Gigi Fabbro

San Polino is owned and run by Londoner Katia Nussbaum and Luigi (Gigi) Fabbro from Friuli. San Polino was Montalcino’s first certified organic estate and is now run biodynamically. “We tend to make the wines first and think about how to sell them later,” says Katia. Decanter says: “The wines are joyful. They have depth and power and a wonderfully expressive complexity.”

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100% Sangiovese
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