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What a pleasure it is to drink such pinot.  Whilst other varieties jostle for attention with their ‘in your face’ demands for attention, pinot waits patiently.  With a self-assured knowing that you’ll come ‘round, all in good time.  The time is now.



There’s plenty of cheap pinot floating around, much of it from across the ditch.  Some of it is good, with a few gems to be found if you look hard enough.  Most of what you buy for less than $20 will be fruit forward in style, chockers with ripe red berries and it’s a good place to start your journey (read: obsession) with pinot. 

Not withstanding a detour to Burgundy, as your journey continues you end up ploughing the depths of terroir as you venture down the rabbit hole in pursuit of the elusive, the ethereal. 

It’s a fascinating affair with a most notoriously fickle grape.  Pinot doesn’t take kindly to weather inconsistencies and it demands a soft, gentle touch in both the vineyard and winery.

Few things as precocious and precious get away with such taunts, but pinot is like that.  It’ll turn on the charm and effortlessly seduce you before all is forgotten and forgiven.

2005 was a near perfect vintage in the Pipers Brook region of Tasmania.  Only the best fruit on this single vineyard was selected and hand picked before being sorted.  This particular vineyard is exceptionally low yielding resulting in focussed intensity, uniform ripeness and balance.

I could smell pinot like this for days, there’s so much going in there.  From within the ruby red hue wafts raspberry, ripening plum and sweet spices.  It’s reserved and shy so give it time. 

Upon entry it’s tart and fresh and it unfolds slowly.  The palate is awash with lively cherry and plum which belies its age.  Time has been kind as it all settles down gently with gamey notes creeping in before a long finish with hints of spicy dark chocolate.

Like an old, well worn chesterfield couch this wraps itself around you in a warm embrace.  Give it some time in the decanter then sit back and enjoy.  A beauty to behold.

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