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Take cover as The ‘Fo launches another secret weapon from our cache.  This one will go ballistic as the mighty power of Coonawarra Shiraz is unleashed.  It’s a flavour explosion of monumental proportions; a true blockbuster.  Yours for half price, which for a collector’s item is a very wise investment.



If you haven’t noticed already, there’s going to be plenty of references to big things exploding in this review.  We’d love to tell you all about why this winery is so renowned, having earned 5 pointy stars from Lord Halliday but you know we can’t.  We promised.  So you’ll just have to settle for the superlative sodden descriptions that attempt to capture the powerful experience of this Shiraz.

We only feature wineries we know and love so you can rest assured of this wine’s pedigree.  It’s been carefully, lovingly nurtured into being like a wild lion cub bred in captivity.  You cannot curtail its raw power or tame its wild spirit, you merely guide it as it finds its own feet.

Wines like this cannot be tamed but instead they’re fostered then set free.  It spends over two years in a mix of French and American oak, much of it new which infuses an edge of sweetness and complements the rich fruit beautifully.  The nose is awash with vanilla, liquorice, black plums and black berries with pepper and spice sprinkled throughout.

Like the thoroughbred it is, it takes a while to hit its stride.  It’s more muscle car than F1, more V8 than rotary and will improve over the next 20 years as well as benefitting from a couple of hours in the decanter now. 

The structure is rock solid. Its powerful drive of rich black fruits combined with layers of chocolate and sturdy tannins makes for one very impressive drinking experience. 

It’s balanced and surprisingly vibrant which is easy to overlook having been smacked in the mouth by its raw power.  This is a noble, powerful beast that demands respect and the best way to do it justice is with a glass in hand and friends to share.

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