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The flagship red from a very good 5 star Adelaide Hills producer, at a MOFO SUPERDEAL PRICE - over 65% off, which means you get a 93pt $60 cool climate masterpiece for just $19.50. Wow.



Vinomofo is turning wine buying into an adventure.  We like to keep things interesting here at the ‘Fo so if you’re up for breathtaking excitement and big surprises this is right up your alley.  Big wine, big discount and a big secret.  Not to mention the big challenge you must complete before getting your mitts on a bottle…

It starts with the drive home.  Wondering, hoping, aching to find that Australia Post delivery docket wedged into the grill of your front door. 

Will it be there?  You’ve closely monitored the dispatch and delivery tracking emails over the past few days.  It should be there.  You don’t want to get your hopes up but... you can’t stop thinking about it.  You’ve already planned dinner and the slow cooker has been simmering away all day.


93 Points - James Halliday
We can't tell you exactly what he said, but you can trust him.. he knows his stuff!

You make it home and cautiously sneak an early glance.  IT’S THERE!  You check your watch, 4:45pm.  In a spit-second you weigh up the options.  Wait until tomorrow and suffer another 24hrs of agonising anticipation or make a desperate dash to the post office hoping to sneak in before the 5pm deadline. 

Make it and it’s all gravy, you’ll be decanting and drinking by dinnertime.  You’ve gotta give it a shot.  All or nothing.

The adrenaline rush of this epic quest is intoxicating but on your way to the post office, doubts creep in to test your mettle.  Will there be a park?  Will I get there before they close? 

Did I bring my ID?  You gather composure and refocus, there’s too much at stake.

This is the challenge that defines the character of a true Mofo. 

How will it end?  Will you make it?  They say it’s all about the journey.  ‘They’ clearly haven’t tasted this wine.  The journey is only the beginning of this vinous adventure.

Your reward is a Shiraz Cab Merlot blend with a full-blown palate party featuring blackberry, cherries and rhubarb.  It's such an intense, rich drinking experience especially with that coffee, spice and oak in the mix.  This is very, very special wine and a worthy trophy for even the most dangerous of search and rescue missions.

Will it be yours?  We reckon you’ve got what it takes. 

Go on champion!  Glory awaits.

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Adelaide Hills
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