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Why do we love this wine?

It’s big.  I’ll make that clear right from the start.  If you’re looking for the pure, distilled essence of McLaren Vale Shiraz in a 750ml bottle of glory then read on.  If not, check your pulse!  This is a ripper and destined to be a talking point over a massive slab of barbequed meat.  Can you handle it Mofo?  You bet, we lap this stuff up for breakfast.



It’s the place where many a Mofo fell in love, with wine.  McLaren Vale does that to you, it lures you in with those rolling hills and azure coastline then after a couple of cold ones at the Victory, out comes the big guns blazing shiraz.

Do you remember your first time? Where were you when you first raised that deep, dark, intense mouthful of ‘Vale Shiraz to your lips?  You never forget your first time.  It’s a style that will always have a special place in every wine drinker’s heart.

This wine is archetypal of that big, ripe, full bodied style.  The nose plumbs the depths of an array of black fruits with vanilla and cherry ripe all chiming in.  The palate is like a reassuring hug; firm and comforting.  Chocolate, spice, raspberry jam and liquorice all play their part and are supported by firm tannins. 

It’s incredible how such power and intensity can be captured and still remain vibrant; it is alive.  Sure, it’s sluggish and its movements are carefully measured but that’s what we’ve come to expect and love from premium McLaren Vale Shiraz.

Halliday and Jeremy Oliver both rate it, highly.  95 points for this and it’s yours in a 6 pack for $27 a bottle.  Each bottle a memory, a reminder of something pure and profound. You’ll never get to have your first time again, but you can relive the magic, one magnificent bottle at a time.

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