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Last cases of this 08 vintage of our biggest, baddest, most awesome secret deal possibly EVER in the history of Vinomofo. You won't find this anywhere near this price, and it's... wow. It's good. It's very, very good. You know it. But keep it quiet!



* Ref. Price as at 28/11/12: $94.99 Winery website | $94.99 on Wine Companion

So back when we first came up with the idea of the MOFO SECRET DEAL, this was one of the wines we said would be amazing to get.

"Imagine if your secret case arrives on your doorstep, and you open it up and there's a XXXXXXXXXXXXXX in there... now that's the kind of "f%$# me" moment we want our Mofos to experience!"


Tyson Stelzer
James Halliday
There is an immediacy to the vibrant and ripe fruit core of 2008 St Henri that makes it particularly enticing. The finest vintage since 2005 may prove to rank among the greats, certainly for the enjoyment it affords in the medium-term, even if it doesn't qualify among the longest-lived. Hints of soy and dark chocolate, balsamic and black olives linger with great presence and persistence. Tannins are admirably fine, yet in no way timid, providing great structural assuredness and textural definition.
"Deep magenta, purple hue; a saturated black fruit wine lies in waiting with a veritable cornucopia of spice and liqueur soaked plums; the ample fine-grained tannins and fresh acidity provide light to the fruit shade; long, sweet-fruited and generous. Shiraz."

And so the secret deal was born. 

We brought you the '07, and those of you lucky enough to have scored some will know how amazing it is. I myself am happy to brag about the 4 bottles I still have left. Or is that 3? And that was the "problem" vintage. Ha!

One of the benefits from being able to select from the best vineyards in the state is the ability to pull off a stunning vintage in a difficult year - not so easy with single vineyard wines. And I tell you - they've pulled off an amazing one here.

So you know the drill - we can't tell you what this is, or who made it. In fact, we have to be even more secretive than normal on this one, because we don't want to stuff it up with the producer. You'll know them. That's all I can say.

You'll know this wine, I'll say that too.

You'll be blown away by the rich, vibrant dark fruits and darker chocolate, with those irresistible umami characters.

You'll be rendered speechless by the depth of layers, revealing themselves in elegant waves over the incredible length of the wine. 

You'll weep at the elegance, the structure, the balance, the length, the sheer wonderfulness of this wine that is only just beginning its long life of giving joy to Mofos and Mofettes around the country.

You'll want to remember your friends here at the 'Fo, who shared this wine with you, because they love you, and they are just sharing, caring people.

You'll want to remember to tell your friends to get on the 'Fo and grab some, too, before it's all gone.

Have a good, good day!


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South Australia
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South Australia
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