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Why do we love this wine?

Before we get to bask in the magnificence that is this wine, a public announcement.  This review may contain liberal and excessive use of superlatives.  Viewing is recommended for wine lovers who can handle a bit of wine wank and appreciate how great wine can transcend definition.  The makers of this wine didn’t hold anything back when crafting this blockbuster and so here it is, in all its full-frontal glory.



The thesaurus did get a workout I must admit.  The problem was, after first tasting this at HQ there was silence.  Revered silence, for this wine had rendered everyone speechless.  It wasn’t until half way through the bottle that the Chief was able to pick his jaw up off the floor to let out a few expletives punctuated with the obligatory Boom!

It’s hard to put an experience like this into words.  This is a slow burner that gently unfolds like the pages of a great book.  You don’t want it to end but you’re compelled to keep reading.  Best thing about this wine is there’s a sequel in every bottle and it just gets better.

On the nose it takes a little time to reveal its almost unfathomable depth.  You’ll need to be patient with this wine; it’s no show pony but rather a powerful thoroughbred that takes a while to wind up.


- Royal Hobart Wine Show
- Royal Perth Wine Show
94 Points - James Halliday
5 Red Star Producer - James Halliday

A good swirl will slowly peel back layers of rhubarb, black cherry and light, earthy tones.  If ever there was a time to reach up to the top shelf and dust of the decanter, this is it.  It deserves time to breathe.

The transition to the palate is sublime.  With a smooth, fruit driven intensity it explodes.  There are signs of secondary aged characters but the fruit is so vital. This bodes well for some time spent in the cellar.

It is bold and therefore earns its ‘R’ rating.  The tannic grip is fine but persistent making this an ideal food wine.  It’s the ultimate foil to the rich flavours of a bloody big steak and deserves the finest cut you can afford.

No doubt Coonawarra is famous for its cabernet sauvignon with shiraz often playing second fiddle.  Not this time.  This is the star of the show that commands attention, a superstar in its own right.  Truly dominating, captivating and thoroughly satisfying.

94 big ones from a 5 red star producer with gold medals from capital city shows all over the country.  Its supreme quality is proven, now it’s your turn to be the judge.

This is why we drink wine.  

There are no more words, just a glass that needs filling.

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