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The first Homeless Grapes Project started in 2015 with one little Facebook post. Jock Harvey, from Chalk Hill Wines, posted that he had a surplus block of grapes and anyone was welcome to them if they made a donation to charity. Our CEO André saw an opportunity: why don’t we make a cheeky little shiraz instead and send 100% of the profits to charity? He contacted Jock and the rest, as they say in the biz, took a shitload of hard work and was totally worth it. 




People jumped on board the HGP train immediately, keen to be involved and help in any way possible. The result? An incredible $36,000 donation to the Hutt St Centre in Adelaide. Since then we’ve raised a total of $80k for Hutt St, with another good chunk pencilled in from impending 2017 Homeless Grapes Project sales. 

But in 2018, for the first time, we’re doing three separate wines from three different regional picks, and branching out into local causes.

The Homeless Grapes - McLaren Vale 2018

This year we’re picking grapes and making wine in Yarra Valley, Coonawarra and McLaren Vale - the idea being that each pick supports a local homelessness issue. All proceeds from the McLaren Vale Shiraz will go to Hutt St Centre, an amazing frontline charity with an open door policy for the homeless or those living in poverty in SA. They work with those excluded from other services, who have complex problems, are isolated and are most at risk of falling through the gaps. 

The Partners

Though we have the absolute honour of selling the finished product, we can’t take responsibility for this vino. This is a community effort for community gain, from the winemakers doing the hard yards to our designer working on the label, to the volunteer mofos out picking grapes. Everyone played or will play a part in this and we give thanks to you all.

But extra special thanks go to:

Jock Harvey, of Chalk Hill Wines

The original instigator, and his contributions keep on keeping on. Jock is a star connector, and helped find participants from all fields, from other Vale legends providing burgers and coffee for the pick, to other providers of vinous goodness for the wine. He is a force for good.

Dudley Brown and Irina Santiago-Brown, Inkwell Wines

Irina & Dudley hosted the pick and provided the grapes. It was an amazing day, as those of you who joined us know. Inkwell have some brilliant grapes, and we’re very lucky to have some of their special grapes for this project.

Alexia Roberts and Penny’s Hill

The wine’s being made by another deadset legend, Alexia Roberts of Penny’s Hill. Her aim is to make elegant, fruit-driven, single vineyard estate-grown wines, and we can attest to the fact that she’s winning on this front. Looking forward to seeing the goodness she creates here.

You Mofos

Yeah, you. You who jumped out of bed without much notice (hello fickle nature, we’re looking at you) and headed to a vineyard to spend some time with these homeless grapes. You who bought a case of a previous vintage and helped us do some good. You who shared that wine with friends and spread the message of Homeless Grapes. You, who upon reading this, will buy a case of this vintage and help make a difference. You, beautiful mofo, who is out there contributing to a better world.

The Grapes

We’ll give you more info on the blocks picked and how the grapes are looking as vintage 2018 progresses.

The Wine

We’re selling the wine for $20 a bottle, which will be bloody good value for some delicious McLaren Vale goodness. A lot of love will go into the making of this wine, not to mention how good we’re all going to feel about being involved, as your money will be going straight to Hutt St Centre.

We’ll share with you every step of the winemaking process, and when it’s ready to drink we’ll deliver your case right to your doorstep (note that it’s likely to be available toward the end of the year, but by purchasing now you’re guaranteed a case).

Reserve yours now.

*** Remember, this is a pre-release offer ***

Wine to be dispatched mid 2019 (still needs to be fermented and barrel aged!)

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