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We’d ask for a drumroll, but that’s a little cliched for our liking. We’re more of a slow quack kinda crew, straight up Mighty Ducks vibes. So stop what you’re doing and get the team together, because we’re celebrating the return of Duck Sauce, our favourite Yarra pinot, and the 2016 vintage is about to ruffle a few feathers!


Black Cherry

What is the Collaboration Series?

This range is all about celebrating and collaborating with the folk who get their hands dirty. The brightest and most passionate wine lovers out there - the winemakers. These are the people who are on site, vintage in and vintage out, turning grapes into magic. And in working with Australia’s most talented winemakers, we are humbled to help see a wine come to life, from seedling to screwcap and everything in between. We’re talking honest and epic vino, from the best in the business. When it comes to Duck Sauce 2016, Steve Webber has stepped up once again to make some magic.

The Winemaker

Crafted, once again, by incredible winemaker and mofo legend Steve Webber (of De Bortoli fame), this vintage sees him pay tribute to the region by working only with the finest Yarra fruit. Steve claims winemaking is something he “just fell into” and we’re thanking the Gods, both old and new, that he did. Despite being previously recognised as a Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year, he’s still one grounded fella who keeps on producing quality vino and we’re lucky to have him involved.

The Wine

You know what comes of the finest fruit? The finest pinot. It just doesn’t get better than this, mofos. While keeping the hint of gamey funk and silky texture we so loved about the ‘15, Webber has upped the pinot ante and blessed the ‘16 with a nose that smacks you in the face with sweetness (think cherries and spice and all things nice) and then brings the whole thing down to earth with a super savoury palate.

It really is very similar to the ‘15, but we reckon it’s just that little bit better. And seriously, it screams food. In fact, it almost smells like the candied sauce you’d pour over a good roast duck. Bright, fruity and a little metallic, this ‘16 vintage ain’t complex but there is still a lot happening under the label.  

Someone BYO duck, because I’ll be BYO-ing Duck Sauce to the next dinner.

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