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“If you’re going to be drinking Australian grenache, well, as far as I’m concerned, you need look no further than McLaren Vale and Willunga 100. In this six-pack, you’ve got a mix of three different Willunga 100 grenaches for $150 bucks. That’s only $25 bucks a bottle, and like we’ve said before, these guys are just really, really good value. So to get them at this discount is seriously cool.” - Grant, Mofo Broker

You get the Clarendon, the Blewitt Springs and then, probably my pick of the bunch (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) is the Tithing. It’s a 2013 grenache that has seen some gorgeous oak, it’s rich, generous and voluptuous... I love it. It’s just really good. Get yourself a pack of this, it will reward you. 

Each case contains two bottles of each of the following:

McLaren Vale

Willunga 100 The Hundred Blewitt Springs McLaren Vale Grenache 2015
McLaren Vale Wine Show
National Wine Show
- The Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2016
James Halliday
Best One Year Old Grenache - McLaren Vale Wine Show 2016
Best Grenache - McLaren Vale Wine Show 2016
Trophy, Best Other Variety - National Wine Show 2016

We all said an embittered ‘bon voyage’ to 2016, there’s no denying it was a grim year. Unless of course you’re the legendary folks of Willunga 100. In which case you could say it was a very good year to be a grenache grape. I know, I know, it’s a ‘15 vintage. I can read. But this wine took the 2016 Australian award shows by storm and is now dripping in more bling than 50 Cent before he filed for bankruptcy. A really, really delicious expression of 80-year-old single vineyard McLaren Vale grenache vines, this scarlet vino is floral on ze nose and complex on ze tongue. We’re lookin’ at strawberries, raspberries and cinnamon with a medium body and fine tannins to finish. I’ll be taking this one with me into 2017.

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McLaren Vale

Willunga 100 Wines 'The Tithing' Grenache 2013
James Halliday
Patrick Eckel
5 Red Star Producer

Kate Moss, Harrison Ford and Charlize Theron, they’re all celebrities that were plucked from obscurity before finding fame. It was fate and canny talent spotting that allowed them to shine, just like this stunning wine. Made from 50-year-old McLaren Vale vines, discovered by two award-winning vino pros, they instantly recognised the site potential. Years of experience making wine alongside some of the biggest names in the business meant they knew exactly how to turn these precocious grapes into star quality juice. So roll out the red (wine) carpet, ‘cause this A-list grenache is worthy of celebrity worship.

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McLaren Vale

Willunga 100 Wines The Hundred Clarendon McLaren Vale Grenache 2015
Mclaren Vale Wine Show 2016
Mclaren Vale Wine Show 2017
James Halliday Grenache Challenge, 2017
McLaren Vale Wine Show 2016
McLaren Vale Wine Show 2017
Gold James Halliday Grenache Challenge
Trophy McLaren Vale Wine Show

This particular grenache, a ‘15 vintage, picked up 96 points and a gold medal at the McLaren Vale Wine Show in both 2016 and ‘17. Add 96 points from James Halliday, a gold medal at the Halliday Grenache Challenge and a trophy back at McLaren Vale, and it equals a stunning grenache that’s up there with the best Australian examples. You’re looking at bright, fresh blueberries and cherry flavours that’ll go down a treat with a duck dinner or a Saturday arvo BBQ. Halliday notes the “delicate combination of fruit and tannin,” but we’ve never been what you would call delicate. In fact, you may as well call us “wine enthusiasts”, because we’ll be loading up with a few cases of this now that the barbie season has come round once more.

You'd pay $35.00 full price