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Welcome to Vinomofo, mofo. That’s right, you’re not a mere person any more – you’ve been upgraded to a mofo. Now, let’s get you acquainted with the kinds of benefits you can expect with such an elevated life status. 

The Mofo Welcome Kit introduces you to an example of three of our key offer types: 

  • A Collaboration Series wine
  • A daily deal
  • A Black Market deal

Note that this is the reds Welcome Kit. There are also white and mixed editions. In this case, you get a bottle of each of the following:

The Collaboration Series Wine

With our Collab Series, we’ve teamed up with our dream winemakers to create the wines we’ve always wanted in our lives. Now we get to share them with the world.

Gusto Mama Sangiovese 2017

King Valley, Victoria

Gusto Mama truly is the matriarch of the dining table. On her command, family rivalries are set aside, at least for the day. This is unpretentious, humble wine with a generous soul but a calm, commanding presence - simply pour into a carafe, share liberally and drink with gusto! 

The wine is rewarding, but wait till you add pizza. We’ve worked out how to make pizza better and that may just be the greatest discovery of all time. Gusto Mama tastes best when paired with lashings of rich tomato sauce, spread over a crispy base and topped off with, well, whatever you want. Pineapple? Controversial, but you do you, mofo. Gusto Mama judges but we sure as hell don’t. 

YOU’D PAY $16.50 full price.

The Daily Deal

This is an example of what we do on the daily – good wine only, incredible value. And we can show you the brand, so there’s no guesswork involved. This wine illustrates the kind of brands and quality you can expect at the ’fo.

Big Easy Radio ‘Never Fail False Idols’ Shiraz Mataro 2016

McLaren Vale, South Australia

The winemaker describes one of his wines as ‘proudly walking down the beach without any pants on’. But we reckon you could apply that to everything he makes. This is the kind of wine that might be served from flagons, shoes or port bottles, as here. 2016 was a cracker of a Vale vintage, and this is really sizzling now. Ripe shiraz richness meets mataro’s savoury, earthen spice for a wine that pulls no punches but doesn’t overdo it either. It’ll go for a few years in the cellar, but it’s so good now we’d recommend a simple decant for fifteen minutes, then rewarding your own patience. You earned it.

YOU’D PAY $32 full price.

The Black Market Deal

A Black Market deal is a little bit secretive, not by design but by necessity. We hide the brand identity to protect the maker’s other routes to market. No question though, it’s as boutique and fully-branded as our other daily deals, you just won’t know what it actually is until it hits your doorstep. The secrecy is worth it. Reap the rewards.

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2016

Yarra Valley, Victoria

94pts Halliday Wine Companion 

Some wines take a moment or two to realise what they’re about. I’ve had many a great bottle that I’ve fallen in love with, but only after an awkward first meeting - and the need for a while to ponder it for a while. Frankly, there’s none of that here. You can tell it’s great right from the get-go.  

That’s not to say it lacks depth or complexity - quite the opposite. There’s gorgeous red cherries, laced with star anise, pepper and a breath of cinnamon from the gentle oak treatment. It’s just not one of those funky ones that needs warming to. It’s nuanced and immediately delicious. It’s got potential for the cellar, but I don’t think it needs it. I’d be tempted to let less immediately charming pinots sit while this one is being enjoyed. Don’t argue with a good thing, just share it around.

YOU’D PAY $40 full price.