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Why do we love this case?

This pack will rock you from head to toe, mofo! You get one spine-tinglingly premium shiraz worth $80 for the special occasions, and a mix of 11 of its skeleton-rattling mates to spice up your life in the meantime. 

Every case contains one of each of the following:


Shiraz 2017

Barossa, South Australia

96pts James Halliday | 94pts Gary Walsh, Wine Front | 92pts Huon Hooke | Special value award Halliday Wine Companion | 5 star Halliday rated winery

Ballsy shiraz from a standout Barossa maker. In a grown-up sort of style, this shows a complex and savoury flavour profile, full of dense, dark berries and tannins buffed to a standout sheen. Abundantly spiced and luxuriously mouthfilling, this’ll suit lovers of Barossa vinos down to the ground. 

YOU’D PAY $80.00 full price.

Shiraz 2018

Frankland River, Western Australia

This wine is, without doubt, one of the most popular we’ve ever seen at Vinomofo. How popular is popular, you ask? Well, thirsty mofos took over 30,000 bottles off our hands last vintage. Yup.

Now, get this, without even a hint of hyperbole. We reckon this vintage is even better. We’ve got reach-out-and-grab-you vibrancy of fruit. Vivid, juicy berries, absolutely bursting with flavour. There’s bright acidity bringing real freshness, and a herbaceous crunch that feels like you’re getting your vitamins. Call it ‘bang for your buck’ or ‘wow for your wonga’ or whatever you like, really. But, my word, is it bloody fantastic.

YOU’D PAY $33.00 full price.

Cabernet Blend 2017

King Valley, Victoria 

5 star Halliday rated winery | Boutique winery

When one of our favourite winemakers in the King Valley asks us to come around and taste a few bottles, we come running. He’s a gun with the usual suspects from the region - sangiovese, pinot grigio and, of course, prosecco - but also one of the few that makes cabernet and shiraz fit to stand alongside some of that nation’s best. This classic Aussie blend is medium-bodied, bright, ripe with plum and cassis, and finishes with fine, fine tannins. 

YOU’D PAY $30.00 full price.

Malbec 2018

McLaren Vale, South Australia

90pts Australian Alternative Varietal Wine Show 2019

Ever wanted a wine that wasn’t so, well, winey? You know, something delicious and drinkable, without all the faff that seems to come with it. Nobody harangues you for pairing your beer with with wrong season or cooking method. Nobody grumbles that one vintage of hops wasn’t as good as the previous one. Why does wine have to come with all the buzz-killing nonsense.

Enter this beauty. A touriga malbec blend from some damn fine Vale vineyards. Bottle’s a bit different, label’s a bit different, everything’s delicious. This was made for fun, not for snobbery. The ideal plastic-cup pour for your next bbq, or straight from the bottle at a parkside picninc. The wine’s excellent, don’t get me wrong, but this isn’t one to ponder and appraise, just pour and enjoy. Cheers!

YOU’D PAY $30.00 full price.

Chardonnay 2018

Great Southern, Western Australia

90pts Patrick Eckel | Five star Halliday rated winery

For a humble, inexpensive WA chardy, this is determined not to be overlooked. The nose is incredibly lifted, especially considering chardonnay is not normally the most aromatic of grapes. There’s buckets of stonefruit, jasmine and minerality. Peaches, nectarines, lemon peel and gently toasted sourdough notes make up the palate. A zippy acidity keeps things fresh and clean without taking away from the surprising complexity on offer. It’s unlikely to knock white Burgundy off its perch any time soon, but it’s undeniably delicious!

YOU’D PAY $28.00 full price.

Pinot Gris 2019

Limestone Coast, South Australia

4.5 Stars Winestate Magazine | Single Vineyard

If you spend a bare minimum on cologne or perfume, you may find a pearl – but you’re likely to end up with something really stanky. The same’s not true for wine at the ‘fo, and this gris is a perfect case in point. This is beautifully perfumed, gorgeously lifted and wonderfully fruity. A cool, elegant acidity drives the experience with poise and grace. The finish is long and lingering. It’s miraculous winemaking for your money, and we’re totally in love. 

YOU’D PAY $27.00 full price.

Rosé 2019

King Valley, Victoria

Another outstanding rosé from this maker, made from sangiovese and looking sharp. Dry, crisp and clean, it’s perfect warm-weather drinking with juicy raspberry, cherry and watermelon, plus savoury spice and cleansing citrus. Dish up your favourite spicy meal, sit on the deck and waste an evening with a bottle of this beauty. 

YOU’D PAY $25.00 full price.

Shiraz Blend 2017 

McLaren Vale, South Australia

Ok, mofos, I’m not going mad. First thing I smelt here was olives. Not literal olives, naturally. We’re talking tasting notes here. Alongside that savoury deliciousness sit some rather beautiful berries. Give it a swirl and their perfume is delightfully evident. A handful of strawberries, couple of bluebs, a dribble of plums, and a faint dusting of clove on the finish. It’s the kind of wine that brings people together round the dinner table. It’s not the most complex beast ever made - but honest, dependable and delicious? Absolutely!

YOU’D PAY $25.00 full price.


South Australia

5 star Halliday rated winery | Vegan friendly

Ignore the naysayers, mofo. Merlot is back and the new wave is the best thing to happen to your glass since sliced bread. Gone is the full-fat, amorphous blob of jumbled jammy nonsense of yesteryear. This merlot is rich, yes, but poised and tasteful. Juicy plums and damson fruit, red cherries and soft, supple earthiness, with texture and a long, silky finish. Tasteful oak use makes a world of difference too. This is a new-look wine style we can get behind. 

YOU’D PAY $22.00 full price.

Chenin Blanc 2019

South Africa

1Inspired by the ‘Slow Food’ movement, this ‘Slow Chenin’ was made with the same principles in mind. Take your time, do it properly, do it well. Chenin blanc is the workhorse of South African wines, being churned out by the gallon to make tasty but uninspiring refreshment for the market. This is different. 

A long wild yeast ferment makes for a step up in complexity. Look to find aromas of fresh-baked bread and dried herbs. The palate is concentrated, offering fennel and aniseed overtones, backed by a creamy lemon freshness. There’s texture to spare, too, rounding out an enjoyable experience from top to toe. 

YOU’D PAY $22.00 full price.

Montepulciano 2018


A couple of years ago, this winemaker came into Mofo HQ to say g’day. Actually, ciao would be more accurate. He’s a legend. He told us the story of how one of the largest Tuscan producers came to be making good vino. Apparently, since its earliest 1890 days, the key has been consistency. Oh, and the spoils of Italy. Obviously. 

This montepulciano has “pizza wine” written all over it. With heaps of ripe red berries and spicy plum, all you need is a good bit of dough and a lathering of real napoli sauce.

YOU’D PAY $20.00 full price.

Sauvignon Blanc 2019


Mofo, strap yourself in for some fresh, fruity, zesty savvy direct from Chile. This crisp little drop hails from a mediterranean climate with mild winters and a temperate summer. Conditions like this not only make for a perfect holiday destination, but also ensure very healthy - and very tasty -grapes.

So, if you fancy a glass of some refreshing savvy b on a Friday night (or a Wednesday for that matter) then this was made to line your fridge door.

YOU’D PAY $18.00 full price.