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We brought ’em back from the brink, now they’re yours to drink.

The ’fo exists for one reason: to get delicious wine into you mofos. We’re pretty good at it, but we’re not perfect. Accidents can happen and sometimes a bottle gets broken en route. Whatever the reason, whenever something happens to one bottle the rest of the case comes back to our warehouse, whether they’re $10 chardies or $100 shiraz.

It sounds like a disaster, but out of the ashes rises the most delicious phoenix of all – the Salvation Case. A second chance for the bottles that have returned home to make their way into your loving arms and mouths.

We can’t tell you which wines you’ll end up with ’cause we don’t know. It’s a delicious lucky dip containing a serious mix of quality vinos. We’ll warn you though: this case always sells out so tell your mates and tell your nan – Salvation is here.