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Premier cru represents some of the best value buying in Burgundy. Even Andre recently came back from a Eurotrip (not the movie, that was awful) only to regale us with the story of when a producer told him to buy premier cru over grand cru because it’s better juice. 

This brilliant three-pack of premier cru red Burgundy includes three vintages of Prancing Horse’s take on the Clos des Ormes, a premier cru within the appellation of Morey-Saint-Denis, itself sandwiched between Gevery-Chambertin and Chambolle-Musigny. 

I’m not name-dropping, just trying to explain... honest. I just learnt all that stuff when Tony Hancy, Prancing Horse winemaker came in for a Mofo Masterclass. By they way, the Clos des Ormes, or ‘Vineyard of Elms’ (roughly translated), has no elms any more. Lucky for you, it has grapevines aplenty. 

Here are the three bottles you get to take home:

Prancing Horse Morey-Saint-Denis ‘Clos des Ormes’ Premier Cru 2009 

Kicking off our vertical tasting, this ‘09 sees a welcome return to winemaking heaven in Burgundy with a warm and dry season. Expect fruit vibrancy, keen elegance, a dash of savoury and a lot of poise. 

Prancing Horse Morey-Saint-Denis ‘Clos des Ormes’ Premier Cru 2010 

The 2010 is not dissimilar to the 2009, but I imagine this to be the more reserved of the two. The vintage saw high levels of acidity balanced by a crunchy, fresh and forward-fronted palate. Prepare yourself for a powerful and savoury finish.  

Prancing Horse Morey-Saint-Denis ‘Clos des Ormes’ Premier Cru 2011 

The 2011 is in a stunning spot. Perhaps the most delicate of all the three vintages, this pinot is super soft. Like a pillow of delicious, delicious wine in the mouth.  Must-drink with duck.