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These pack of Provençal pinks flaunt the fruitiness and freshness of the 2018 vintage with aplomb (and maybe a plum, here or there). There’s enough difference to enjoy each on its own merits, and enough similarities that you only need plan your picnic pack to the point of: ‘insert delicious, dry rosé here’. Don’t forget the soft cheese, though.

Take it from Vinomofo Wine Dealer, Jackson: “I’m loving the Pink Provence Party - Rosés for Spring? Groundbreaking! The Fabre family are pioneers of the regions, and their wines are exactly what I want to drink on a sunny spring afternoon!”

Each pack contains a bottle of each of the following six sumptuous stunners:

Château La Clapière Cru Classé Rosé 2018

The perennial fave, ’18 brings a drier, more savoury – and I’d say more interesting – interpretation of this complex rosé. It’s hard to name the specific fruits on the nose, despite a being pretty perfume. Playing ‘hide the tasting note’ adds to this wine’s allure; you can’t quite pick it so it seems more complex. It’s a little fruity, a little spicy, a little brambly, a little minerally. Raspberry, cranberry, citrus and slate eventually make themselves particularly evident. It’s rounded but zesty; bone dry and elegant. Add sun for good times.

Cuvee Dédicace Rosé 2018

A ripe style, with dried mango and banana passionfruit matched to a seductive musk note. The zesty, fruity palate definitely wants some fatty cheese to counter. If you can’t beat ’em...

Henri Fabre Rosé 2018

This is the serious, savoury one of the bunch. Fresh raspberry and raspberry leaf, a touch of guava and whetstone. The palate’s spicy and textured, fruit playing harmony rather than melody. Salt and pepper squid comes to mind; something with just the right amount of spice and depth. Or a slabby wadge of Gruyère. Or both.

Cuvée Serpolet Rosé 2018

This is a light-footed, polished and fruit-forward style of Provence rosé. Strawberries and cream, raspberry jubes, orange zest. Light and refreshing with a savoury elegance. And shaped a bit like a barbell, so you could get some squats in while you’re hard at it.

Cuvée Les 3 Terroirs Rosé 2018

Matched to distinct raspberry cordial-soaked rockmelon notes, there’s oyster shell and fresh tobacco on the nose. The palate’s ripe, complex and textured, all driven along merrily by some fine acidity. A veritable fruit salad opens up on the palate as it travels. No food needed – to the park with you!

Château Saint Honoré La Londe Rosé 2018

Peachy by colour, peachy by nature. Along with refreshing pineapple, joyous boiled lollies and perky sage, this one’s as aromatic and as it is appealingly gentle. Driven by raspberries on the palate, with just a touch of texture that gives it extra vibrancy and versatility.

Fun fact

The classic Provençal bottle shape actually has a few hundred years of historic background, and was coined by the Fabre family almost 70 years ago now. It’s nicknamed the “Mae West” for its shapely curves (and the era it came from, obviously). Although head buyer John reckons that apparently the bottle shape came from its propensity to not fall over when it was served on the train, back in the day. Because dry lunches in France only happen in prison (and probably not even there).