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Boom! Shake-shake-shake the room. The Boneshaker will rattle your sense of reality with incredible value and a sheer density of scary-good flavour for such a skeleton price. Yo, are you ready for me yet? 

The only thing spooky about this case is how you get one properly old vine 95pt, $150 Barossa shiraz, then you get the other $270 worth of wine for a mere $19. Oh, and the artwork - that’s super creepy. Otherwise, it’s full of delicious wine... a bottle of each of the following, in fact:


Shiraz Grenache 2013

Barossa Valley, SA

95pts Wine Showcase | 5 red star Halliday rated winery | Old vine

The vines for this wine aren’t just ‘old’. The official vine age classification is as follows: 35+ years = ‘Old Vines’; 70+ years = ‘Survivor Vines’; 100+ years = ‘Centurion Vines’; 125+ years = ‘Ancestor Vines’. These are Ancestor Vines, over 150 years old, from a little pocket of the Eden Valley. You’d be lucky to end up with a bottle of wine from each vine, but just think of the wisdom and flavour from a century and a half of root growth, and all the concentration in those grapes. 

YOU’D PAY $150 full price.

BLACK MARKET Shiraz 2017

Frankland River, WA

Halliday Winemaker of the Year | Boutique producer | Small batch

The man behind this wine is kind of a big deal in winemaking terms, having produced wines under his main label that have taken out big (Jimmy Watson big) awards, and now Halliday’s Winemaker of the Year. This side project of his allows him all the freedom to flaunt this winemaking prowess however he sees fit. And so he saw fit to make a juicy and approachable, darkly-fruited and deeply flavoured shiraz from first rate Frankland River fruit, and we saw fit to snap it up for you. Compared to the Barossa ballbusters you’re used to, this one’s inky, exotically spiced and fine-grained.

YOU’D PAY $35 full price.

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2016

Wairarapa, NZ

93pts Sam Kim

An awesome young pinot from a great Kiwi producer, this silky little number offers up rich and intense fruits, throwing around flavours of plum, blueberry and spice. Part of the producer’s Premium Range, it’s a vino that has garnered 93 points from Sam Kim and a big smile from us at the ‘Fo once it crossed our lips. As fresh as the beautiful Wairarapa region it hails from, it won’t be seen again at this price once it sells out so don’t miss it if you’re a pinot lover.

YOU’D PAY $35 full price.

BLACK MARKET Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Margaret River, WA

94pts Wine Showcase | 93pts Sam Kim | Gold medal Wine Showcase | 5 red star Halliday rated winery

A perennial classic from one of our favourite Margaret River makers, and it’s the grape variety Margaret River is most known for. So it’s cab sav, Margaret River, great vintage, great wine. In the words of Eddie the Wine Guy: “There are lovely aromas of blackcurrant, a little bit of spice and tobacco. I’d probably go for a lamb roast, or maybe even a beef roast, because it has lovely drying tannin. It’s going to go really nicely with a bit of hearty protein that’s been shoved in the oven for a couple of hours. Medium-bodied, drinking beautifully now, but it will age five, maybe ten years if you really want it to.”

YOU’D PAY $33 full price.

BLACK MARKET Other Red 2017

King Valley, VIC

5 star Halliday rated winery | Boutique producer

This has a lovely gentleness to it. It somehow manages to instantly put you at ease, like a warm campfire on a crisp day as dusk fades - the crackle of logs, the direct warmth that’s adjustable by a shuffle closer or further away, the wholesome waft of earth... it’s evocative for sure. This is loaded with earthy red fruits, damper-like breadiness, juicy playfulness. I’m surprised just how much I like this. The balance is spot on, too. Soft, drying tannins meet the fruit as it fades elegantly, pushed unhurriedly along by cleansing acidity. Mmm. A gentle wine. Yum. 

YOU’D PAY $25 full price.


Languedoc-Roussillon, FR

Gold medal Great Wines of Languedoc | Gold medal Paris Wine Show | Gold medal National Vinalies | Red Winemaker of the Year International Wine Challenge 2015

When a producer as prolific as these guys do entry level, you know they’re not going to do run-of-the-mill. So they’ve selected some merlot, cabernet, carignan and grenache, given it a tickle of carbonic maceration (Beaujolais-style), and you end up with a wine that expresses all the blueberry and melted chocolate of the Languedoc, along with the strawberry-and-spice slipperiness of the winemaking techniques. It’s harmonious but still powerful - loads of aromatics and spice, and loads to like.

YOU’D PAY $22 full price.

BLACK MARKET Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Barossa Valley, SA

91pts Gary Walsh

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: cabernet is Barossa’s little secret weapon; juicy and full-fruited over a muscular armature. It’s no cool climate cabernet with an empty mid-palate, needing merlot or shiraz to fill it. It fills its own midsection. It is its own beast. All the dark berries and blackcurrant of the variety, but reduced down, chocolatey and licoricey too. Fresh, structured, fleshy, punchy. So tasty. 

YOU’D PAY $22 full price.

BLACK MARKET Shiraz 2016

McLaren Vale, SA

This stuff’s classic, rich Vale shiraz. Bloody cool bottle, too. They say: “brings some of McLaren Vale’s oldest vines bang up to date”. We say: this approachable shiraz marries quaffability with elegance and punchy fruit flavour in a package that you’ll talk about long after the wine’s gone. 

YOU’D PAY $20 full price.

BLACK MARKET Shiraz 2015

Mount Benson, SA

92pts Rob Geddes MW | 91pts Limestone Coast Wine Show | Gold medal China Wine & Spirits Awards

Shiraz fiends, assemble. Mt. Benson has been the target of an intelligent wine heist. The ‘Fo just now got word that the South Aussie gold-medal winning red can be recognised by its near perfect ripeness, complexity and touch of oak. Not a danger to civilians, but likely to be addictive. Keep your ears to the ground and your lips around the glass. 

YOU’D PAY $20 full price.

BLACK MARKET Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Clare Valley, SA

93pts Wine Showcase | Boutique producer

From one of the great Clare vintages comes this diminutively priced cabernet, from dry-grown wines in the dark soils of the Armagh Valley, and made by Angela Meaney of Stonebridge Wines. With six years under its belt, this sturdy little number punches well, well above its price point. Classy aged cabernet you can afford to have every lunch time.

YOU’D PAY $20 full price.

BLACK MARKET Red Blend 2016


Don’t even worry about the very Portuguese blend here. Worry about the feels: a soft nose of choc-raspberry and blueberry, crystal clear fruit without any oak getting in the way. The palate, although juicy, has some lovely bracing tannins backing up the fruit with a punch of power and lengthening dryness. Really well-made wine that speaks lost about and nothing about winemaking styles and oak - just the way it should be when winemaker egos don’t get in the way.

YOU’D PAY $20 full price.

BLACK MARKET Shiraz Cabernet 2013

King Valley, VIC

Ever heard the doughnut analogy for cabernet? Theory goes that cabernet goes really well with chocolate, jam-filled doughnuts. Jokes. The theory is actually that the tannin profile for cabernet is kinda hollow, like a doughnut - i.e. you get tannin at the front and back of the palate, but not in the middle. So you need something to fill it. If you’re in Bordeaux, merlot’s your go-to. But in Australia, we tried shiraz... and wol-LA! The great Aussie red was born. Or was that shiraz cab? Either way, it’s good for you.

YOU’D PAY $18 full price.

Black Market deals are only made possible if we don’t reveal the maker’s brand on site. The wines are the genuine article, absolutely no cleanskins or fake brands, just dangerously good value. You won’t find out what it is until it hits your doorstep, but you won’t regret it. Just keep it on the down low.