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Pinot noir is not generally the bang-for-your-buck varietal. It’s a pain to grow, requires a certain climate, and can be very unspectacular if not made with care. So how do you get awesome pinot from some of the best producers, without selling the kids? The Black Market, of course! Here we’ve got a wicked mix of wines from classic Aussie cool climate regions. Enjoy them young and fruity, or let their darker side come out with time. Actually, there’s two of each, so why not do both?

Each case contains TWO of the following wines: 

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2015

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

90pts James Halliday

This winery has some pretty unusual methods, but if you go back to ancient times (as in, about 4,000 years ago), everyone was aging their wines in terracotta amphorae. What’s old is new again, and it seems to suit Mornington pinot, where the sun and the cool clime provides a wonderful depth and brightness of fruit. The purity of terracotta allows bright red fruits and pinot’s savoury character - that you don’t see enough of in Aussie pinots - to shine through. There’s a deep umami richness running throughout, and this is a wine that makes you think… do I really need to taste oaky coconut and vanilla in all my wine?

You’d pay $65 full price

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2018

King Valley, VIC

Picture the scene: you’re out walking a trail through one of the highest parts of the King Valley. You’re in the middle of a beautiful forest. The sun is streaming through the trees and a cool, gentle breeze is rustling through the gum leaves. It’s an idyllic picture of tranquility and the verdant glory of nature. In the distance, you see a faint glinting light, like a reflection off binoculars. Intrigued, but unperturbed, you wander closer. You come across a shrub, absolutely dripping with riotously ripe red berries, a bacchanalian banquet of colour and sweet fruit. Below it, the forest floor is rich with moss, fallen leaves, gum bark strewn liberally like cinnamon sticks, and the heady perfume of the forest. Then you spot it. The light just catching the glass and reflecting cheerily back at you. A bottle of this limited release pinot - in its natural habitat.

You’d pay $32 full price

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2018

Yarra Valley, VIC

5 red star Halliday rated winery

Pinot from the Yarra Valley is one of those wines we can never seem to keep up with the demand. The thirst our mofos have for this is unquenchable but we’ve managed to pull another rabbit out of the hat in bringing you this wine. Brilliantly fresh, vibrant pinot from one of the regions best from a strong vintage at an unbeatable price. This vino has all the bells and whistles, there’s 20% whole bunch, wild fermentation, extended skin contact and eight months in seasoned French oak. This all combines to produce a beautiful balanced pinot showing notes of raspberry and strawberry, sweet and savoury crunch with hints spice to draw out the long finish. This is the perfect pinot for the warmer months with more than enough complexity and class to make any weeknight feel like a weekend.

You’d pay $28 full price

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2018

Yarra Valley, VIC

Minty raspberries, earthiness, chocolatey - a little orange rind and chinotto. The palate is light to medium, crunchy but layered in soft texture. Tempered acidity balanced by soft tannin and fruit. This is early days for this wine but it’s got bright promise for the future. Seems to have even more interest, somehow, than the stellar 2017, with more weight to throw around, too. A cracking little pinot at this price point, and a label to watch keenly. Invest with abandon.

You’d pay $24 full price

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2018

Adelaide Hills, SA

95pts Adelaide Hills Wine Show | 91pts James Halliday | Gold - Adelaide Hills Wine Show | 5 red star Halliday rated winery

This wine’s not resting on its laurels, even though it has many. Last year’s vintage was one of Halliday’s Top 100 Wines of 2017, and someone else called it one of the best value pinots of the year. It’s a skilfully handled, fruity, tangy, spicy pinot, with tannins that slide smoother than a pilates bed. There’s no doubting this will be one of the pinots we talk about in a few months, bemoaning the fact that we didn’t double down on our order.

You’d pay $22 full price

BLACK MARKET Pinot Noir 2018

Yarra Valley, VIC

This wine is super lifted and aromatic, and could take a chill if you’re keen. Lots of blueberry, damson plum and crunchy red apple going on, with a little musk and pepper. The palate’s juicy and perky as much as it is spicy and drying, some crushed velvet tannins wrapping up the fruit in a tight bundle. Give it a little time in the cellar and it’ll settle down a bit, but the question is whether you want it to or not. If you want the bounciest, lickiest pinot around, get stuck in.

You’d pay $19 full price

Black Market deals are only made possible if we don’t reveal the maker’s brand on site. The wines are the genuine article, absolutely no cleanskins or fake brands, just dangerously good value. You won’t find out what it is until it hits your doorstep, but you won’t regret it. Just keep it on the down low.