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This mix of modern chardies are all about texture and balance. No blown-out oak-and-butter bombs here. If you haven’t visited for awhile, here’s your box seat ticket to the revival show.

Each pack contains TWO of each of the following bottles:

BLACK MARKET Chardonnay 2014

Adelaide Hills, SA

94pts Wine Showcase | Gold medal Wine Showcase

I often get asked: “Do you have any cellared chardonnay that’s equal parts fresh stonefruit and apple flavours as well as roasted cashew and brioche from some gentle barrel fermentation?” I hear you’d been asking, in fact. Well, today’s your lucky day. And at this price, it is likely to be today only, until the next blue moon.

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BLACK MARKET Chardonnay 2015

Gippsland, VIC

Boutique producer

A little brand based just (I mean by a few hundred metres) outside of the Yarra Valley, these folk have built up a keen following of people who just love their wines. But they’ve been a bit busy with life of late, and as happens sometimes in family wine ventures, some of the wine in the cellar has stacked up without being released to their tribe on a regular basis. Life happens, we get it. It does mean that we’ve been lucky enough to find their pristine stash of boutique vino, cellared perfectly, just waiting for mofos’ lips. Your lips.

YOU’D PAY $35 full price.

BLACK MARKET Chardonnay 2017

Yarra Valley, VIC

5 red star Halliday rated winery | Single vineyard

This single block wine from a renowned maker is slightly rounder than their citrusy, incisive estate chardy, and it’s from 2017, which is getting lots and lots of hype out of the Yarra. It’s great example of a new age chardonnay that can be drunk all year round. It’s not a big wine, but it’s bright, fleshy and elegant - once you find out the maker you’ll understand that this chardonnay is about poise and texture. The maker is one of the best in the valley and beyond, and she knows a thing or two thousand and seventeen about how to make good chardonnay. 

YOU’D PAY $28 full price.

BLACK MARKET Chardonnay 2015

Hawke’s Bay, NZ

93pts Sam Kim | Sustainable farming

From none other than Hawke’s Bay and coming from an iconic wine producer, this chardy lives up to expectations. It’s all quite fruity: spicy packham pear, banana, melon, with a lovely citrusy spice. Full but not over the top, it’s bright sunshine-in-a-bottle kinda chardy, without the buttered popcorn. “Rich but not super rich, I could just slurp it down,” says Nicci - Vinomofo Wine Dealer. I’m with you, Nicci. 

YOU’D PAY $25 full price.

BLACK MARKET Chardonnay 2016

Yarra Valley, VIC

92pts Halliday Wine Companion | Special value award James Halliday | 5 red star Halliday rated winery

“F*ck yeah! This is my kinda chardy. Flinty, nutty, a little toasty (but not too much), predominantly deliciously bitter citrus notes (blood orange, ruby grapefruit and lime), underwritten by honeysuckle, jasmine, even a bit of licorice root. Holy shit this is good. Spicy, creamy, fine and mineral. Takes a bit of time to waft off the intentional reduction (that’s winemaker-speak for not much oxygen during winemaking), but whoa it’s worth it. About an hour before you’re going to serve it, decant, and chuck back into the bottle (double decant). Remember to take it out of the fridge ten mins before serving, as fridge temp is too cold (or pour it and warm it up in your excited hands). It’ll be ready and waiting for you when you are.” - Beth, Mofo Wine Buyer.

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BLACK MARKET Chardonnay 2016 

Adelaide Hills, SA 

95pts James Halliday | 92pts Sam Kim | Gold medal International Wine Guide Awards | 5 red star Halliday rated winery | Special value award James Halliday.

“Finally! An unoaked chardonnay with length, texture, and weight. I know what you’re thinking; creamy chardy paired with chicken casserole in winter - a combination for the ages. Well yes, you’re not wrong. This is clean and lean, but has a bucketload of fruit - think grapefruit and peach. It’s no BBB (big, bold, and buttery) chardonnay but if you’re after something with a bit more elegance it truly hits the mark.” - Ange, Mofo Wine Dealer.

YOU’D PAY $22 full price.

Black Market deals are only made possible if we don’t reveal the maker’s brand on site. The wines are the genuine article, absolutely no cleanskins or fake brands, just dangerously good value. You won’t find out what it is until it hits your doorstep, but you won’t regret it. Just keep it on the down low.