Why you should swap roses for rosé and romance yourself

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
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The whole world could use some sunshine-in-a-glass right now. This makes the good idea light bulb for sipping rosé on Valentine's Day shine a little brighter. You should probably drop everything you are doing right now and sip responsibly on this delicious pink drink.

Leave the crappy date you're clearly not digging, and anything else holding you back, mofo — it's time to grab a glass (or, like, two) and live your best life, while we list some reasons why rosé is so darn perfect for romancing yourself...

Screw roses.

It's the perfect wine for sharing with friends (or romantic interests)

Rosé is the kind of wine that brings people together to share a glass, a meal, a moment in time. But, mainly it's because everyone loves it. It’s refreshing. Also, in terms of relaxing group settings, the sight of a glass of rosé is right up there with the 'hot dogs or legs' selfie at the beach and the smell of sun cream in terms of chillin' vibes.

Here is the most commonly heard sentence at a dinner party with rosé on the table: ‘Oh, is that the end of the bottle already, Todd? Do we have another in the fridge?’

Enough said.

You can literally pair it with anything (including your saucy outfit)

Want to find your perfect match in the form of a yum rosé and food pairing? Yeah, you nodded. Apart from being the on-trend, wine of the moment, it’s actually a very versatile food pair. Rosé can often do the job where a red or white might be lacking. The soft texture and subtle flavours won’t jostle for attention. Perfect for those stinking hot days where you only have the appetite for a chilled glass and a few watermelon slices, but also those cooler self care nights that call for Thai green curry, fish tacos; or stuffed capsicum - rosé has your back in a way your ex never did.

Rosé won't let you down.

It's the perfect wine gift to yourself (who doesn't love presents?)

One glass too many of a full-bodied red can cook your palate for the rest of the night and your only saviour is a full tube of toothpaste. Too many bubbles can go straight to your head and end your 'date night' prematurely. Fortified wines are gorgeous, but very situationally specific. Rosé, on the other hand, can almost always be the answer. From a sunshine wine on your balcony all the way through to a cheeky night-cap in the bath, rosé is no longer the ‘curve ball’ vino to share with your nearest and dearest (I'm talking about you, mofo) but the main event (on your balcony at sunset) this Valentine's Day.

Yes way, rosé.

Like love, rosé is all about compromise (pffffft)

Rosé happens to be somewhere right in the middle of being a red wine and a white wine. It is made by allowing the grape skins to impart their flavours and colours to an otherwise white/clear juice - but only just long enough to absorb a little bit of all that stuff that makes a red wine a true red both in colour and flavour. Put simply, rosé tends to satisfy those on either side of the red/white divide. Rosé can't help with the other stuff, but at least you'll never have to argue about red or white wine again.

So pour yourself a pretty rosé this Valentine's Day and raise a glass to love, whether it be your very own sassy self or sharing this delightful bev with another.

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