The Perfect Match: What to pair with Betty's Game Rosé

By Vinomofo
over 3 years ago
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Our brand new wine, Betty’s Game, satisfies all the things we love about nebbiolo in a lively, fresh way, making it the perfect middle ground for your mixed crowd of red and white wine lovers this party season. 

The brooding tannins and vivacious acidity of nebbiolo will have you reaching for your fork, and our latest rosé is no exception. Made to be enjoyed with food, here’s what we’ll be enjoying with Betty’s Game this spring... 


A classic that never fails to impress. Pop into your local deli and pick up your favourite selection of cured meats; alongside this rosé, this pairing will have your guests drooling from the get-go. 

The salty intensity of the meats make for the perfect competition with that lively acidity - they’ll have your palate fighting over which tastes better. What’s more, that saltiness will help to increase the body of the rosé, helping to highlight its fruit and savoury complexities. 

When pairing with charcuterie, another major factor to consider is the umami characteristics present within the meats. This distinct savoury quality will increase the perception of fruit in the rosé, highlighting the red currants, raspberry and tangerine characters of the wine. 

Together, a charcuterie platter and Betty’s Game will transport you straight to Italy, doing as the Italians do. Imagine yourself on a street patio, grazing on antipasti with friends, sipping on some rosé under the Piedmontese sun.


Who doesn’t love comfort food? When it comes to soul-stirring dishes, we’re thinking bouillabaisse; warm, homely, and packed full of flavour, just like this rosé. An equal intensity of flavours is key after all. 

With bouillabaisse, intensity isn’t the only factor to consider, think about the sweetness of the seafood you’ll be serving. Of course, not sweet in sugar, so we’re not looking for a sweet wine here, but sweet flavours, especially if you’re going all out and thinking of adding lobster or marron. The sweet flavours of the seafood will help to pronounce the ripe fruit character of the wine like the fleshy raspberries and red currants. 

Similarly, saltiness is another key factor to consider, but as we know, this is only going to help the wine shine in all of its glory. 

While the French don’t have nebbiolo rosé, the rosés of Provence will have a similar savoury complexity and a raspberry to bitter orange fruit profile like this wine, so we can trust this is a well-enjoyed pairing.

Pizza and Pasta  

Think pizza and pasta loaded with tomatoes and mushrooms, and hey, since it’s the season here in Australia, load it with truffles too! 

Firstly, with the tomato, the biggest thing to focus on is the acidity. We must match that acidity with the wine, and, as we know, a nebbiolo-based rosé is going to do that for us. Equal acidity will ensure that neither the food nor the wine dominates the other. Second, the mushrooms and truffles, will take us down the umami path again, enabling those nebbiolo characters to shine, highlighting both those juicy fruits, as well as any savoury elements like the bitter orange finish. 

And there you go, three delicious and mofo-approved food pairings for Betty’s Game - the perfect wine for your next dinner party and fit for any occasion. 

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