Silence of the Lambrusco: horror films and wine pairings

Summer Lee
By Summer Lee
over 1 year ago
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Halloween is a mishmash of customs with pagan roots that date back to an ancient festival celebrating saints, martyrs and other departed souls. Today, it’s an excuse to throw a horror film marathon, eat lots of sour gummies (and give away a bunch of candy too), dress-up like Morticia Addams and pop open a nice bottle, 'cause why not?

Spring sippers and horror films tend to go together like Hannibal Lecter and Chianti, making pairings pretty fun and simple. Every movie’s mood typically goes well with specific varieties, so it’s easy to match.

Here's 5 horror film and wine pairings to die for!


28 Days Later & celebratory sparkling wine

The zombies in this movie are terrifying. They’re fast, smart, and coming in hot. Champagne will keep you light and bubbly, and on your toes.


American Werewolf in London & earthy, animalistic cabernet

A true classic Halloween werewolf film deserves an equally classic wine: cabernet sauvignon. Both are also incredibly intense, bold, and worth the wait.


Hereditary & storytelling malbec

Hereditary is deeply complicated and layered with thematic symbols and curiosities that take a keen eye to spot. As you ingest the film, you’ll be left pondering the demonic, satan-worshipping elements that drive the plot. Malbec, true to nature, unravels many stories of its terroir, just like this thrilling film.


Psycho & Barolo

Psycho is a cult classic and deserves an equally iconic wine. Enter: Barolo. Similar to this movie’s plot, Barolo is iconic, powerful, and has an agonising wait until it finally reaches perfection.


Hostel & bloody shiraz

What better match for a human slaughterhouse than a glass of perfect shiraz, it goes with any kind of prime cut horror film, but Hostel will give you shivers. Just add steak for dinner. How rare you go is up to you.

Yes, as it turns out, wine pairs with everything... even scary movies.

So snuggle up, turn the lights down, pour yourself a glass, and get ready to get spooked. Need wine? We've got you covered...

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