Our top 5 ‘hair of the dog’ vinos.

By Vinomofo
almost 2 years ago
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Two things before we press on:

  1. Don’t judge. We’ve all been there. 

  2. You may only read on if you promise to use the following information for good/not evil. We’re here to encourage responsible adventuring, if problems persist see your doctor and so on. 

Some of the best nights are unplanned. They just sort of happen, get momentum and carry us away. The problem is, it wasn’t supposed to happen because you have a ‘thing’ on tomorrow that requires you to be physically present beyond smiling politely while sweating profusely and smelling somewhat of old tea towels. 

Since you’ve most likely looked this up for real-time problem solving let’s get cracking on our 5 top hair of the dog vinos – in no particular order.


Ah. The good old ‘brekkie proseccy’. The official bubbly of brunch – a title, you’ll be pleased to hear, we didn’t just make up to make you feel better. At a time when you want to keep the volume low in every respect, prosecco’s 11-12% (ABV) is the quiet beverage you’ll be looking for. Serve it on its own and nurse it like Florence Nightingale, or you can dilute it down even further by making mimosas or bellinis.  It also pairs perfectly with an eggs benny. Tick.

Pinot noir rosé

Everything about pinot noir rosé exudes a ‘first drink of the day’ vibe. Unfortunately for you it’s not 5pm and you don’t have an extra 6 hours of sleep under your belt. Fortunately for you, this is fresh, light and zippy so it’ll help keep you present and on your feet. This would be ravishing with a potato omelette, just saying.

Sparkling shiraz

Oooh, controversial. What is this Christmas? Or a post-Christmas emergency and there’s nothing left in the house? NO. We won’t hear a bad word about sparkling shiraz. There’s a time and a place for it – and that time is now. It’s the kind of drink you normally associate with happy, old, Italian dudes. Which feels strangely comforting for some reason. You will heart it with classic bacon and eggs sitch.

Pinot grigio

In your time of need, this is ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ in a bottle. Pinot grigio is everything you wish you were feeling, the morning after the night before: crisp, light and fresh af. It’s hard to f**k up grape with a chilled-out flavour profile. And it’s about as complex as the conversation you’re capable of carrying out right now. Sushi might not be the obvious pairing right now, but it will serve you well.


For the uninitiated, Beaujolais is a light-bodied red wine, with high acidity and low tannins. The wine has red berry flavors, including raspberry, red cherry, red currant, and cranberries.  It’s fresh, young and fruit forward with enough acid to cut through whatever the inside of your mouth woke up feeling/tasting like. It’s not an obvious choice, but hey, any port in a storm. Fried mushroom on thick, seeded toast would fair well with this chosen wine.

There you go, soldier. You’re armed and ready so please use this information wisely. Share it with your friends and those you trust to be mature enough to handle its power. 

Go well. Take it easy. 

And, remember, in case of emergency, have a glass in moderation, mofo.

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At Vinomofo, we love our wine, but we like to also lead long and happy lives, and be good to the world and the people in it. We all try to drink responsibly, in moderation, and we really hope you do too.

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