Autumn wines worth rugging up for

By Vinomofo
almost 2 years ago
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Summer has packed up and left like a holiday fling, and winter has already baggsed its room.  It’s even brought its own esky! But the falling temperatures needn’t bring you down too.  Why not claim back a little sunshine with the help of some of our bestselling autumn vinos?  It’s never too brisk to break out the good stuff.  

So, grab your Star Wars Oodie (we won’t judge), whack on some Seinfeld re-runs, and let’s get down to business. 

Here’s what to crack open once the doors and windows close. 


For a fresh, crisp burst of autumn cheer, it’s hard to go past a zesty riesling

Sometimes referred to as the “King of Grapes”, this late-ripening winner is a seasonal favourite among many.  A long-time lover of cool climate, riesling has actually been around for centuries!  So, it’s no wonder its more popular than Jesus.

Some of the best harvests grow along the Mosel River in Germany, but Australia also has its fair share of zingy goodness.  And because of its sweetness and acidity, it pairs exceptionally well with spicy foods like Asian and Indian.  The perfect soul-warming combo for the turn of the season.

Our pick is the Bendigo Hills 2019 Organic Riesling.  A lip-puckering fave among mofos, it’s so delicious – one glass is never enough. 


Ooh la la … so Frenchy, so chic, and racy to boot. 

A sexy blend of grenache, syrah, and mourvedre, this tantalising mix is sure to get your blood pumping.  No need to brave the elements for that marathon run.  Simply take a glass, pour a healthy dose, and let the sweet spiciness go to work. 

Originally grown in France, gsm was first brought to Australia in the 19th century.  And it’s become quite the signature drop of the Barossa Valley. 

Bursting with luscious ripe red berry fruit, it’s the ideal flirty companion for a hearty steak or lamb stew.

So, get the autumn love fest started with a cheeky bottle of  L’Orgie Côtes du Rhône GSM 2018. 


Salud, amigos!  If there’s ever been a time to savour deep, rich, full-bodied flavours, it’s now. 

Tempranillo is what Spain likes to call its “noble grape”.  And it’s no surprise that it goes magnificently with tapas!  So, for those nights when you can’t be arsed for anything other than quick and easy, this is your dream flavour fusion. 

Its rustic fruitiness has earned a devoted following amongst the young-at-heart, with widespread harvests across Australia. 

So, when we see a wine that’s been around since the age of Keith Richards, we like to modernise the shit out of it.  Also known as “new vintage”. 

That’s why the Gatito Loco Tempranillo 2019 takes our fancy.  With a cool name like Crazy Kitty, you won’t even notice the leaves covering your lawn. 


Ahhh … rosé.  A blend of colour to match the blending of the seasons.  

Once considered as cheap and sickly sweet as a dive bar date, this blushing beauty has made a serious comeback. 

Previously reserved for penniless postgrads, rosé decided it was high time to pick up its game.  So, with all the Frenchiness it could muster, it soon became a revamped retro classic.  It even started giving white wine a run for its money.

But don’t go mixing red and white to create pink.  That’s just gross.  The rosy hue comes from letting the grape skins soak into the wine.  And depending on the grapes used and the overall process, there’s a wide variety of outcomes.  So, it goes with just about anything!

We recommend Château La Clapière Cru Classé Rosé 2019.  It’s easy autumn drinking at its finest.


Shamelessly confident in both fashion and wine choices, Kath & Kim knew how to chardonnay.  And without even having to slip into a foxy leopard onesie, you can too. 

Hailed as one of the world’s most popular wines, it’s easy to see how it worked its way into Aussie sitcoms.  Yet, with the sudden surge of interest in Sauv Blanc, it sort of lost its panache.  

But faster than you can say fluoro windbreaker – winemakers got the balance of flavours right to produce a complexity hellbent on beating the winter blues. 

And with her newfound pizzazz, chardy developed a whole lotta mofo attitude.  That’s why we’re loving the Mimi Flamingo Chardonnay 2017.  She does what she wants … like drinking a chilled wine on a cold AF day.  Rebel. 

So, whether it’s a quiet Friday night in, or a cheeky Sunday arvo tipple – good wine is the ultimate climate control.  I mean, we’re not saying we can save the Barrier Reef or anything, but we can probably rescue an ageing red from a dark cellar. 

Hey Kids!

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At Vinomofo, we love our wine, but we like to also lead long and happy lives, and be good to the world and the people in it. We all try to drink responsibly, in moderation, and we really hope you do too.

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